Wild Skills Adventure: RMI Mountaineering Day School – Recap

On August 17th, SheJumps Wild Skills and RMI combined forces for a unique mountaineering school for girls ages 10-14. Throughout the day-long course, the team used Mt. Rainier’s lower slopes to learn and practice various techniques and skills necessary for climbing in glaciated terrain. RMI’s experienced guides, Gloria and Julie Anne, facilitated the instruction of key skills in mountaineering and showed participants the wonder of being in the mountains.

wsmtschool_favs-2 wsmtschool_favs-3

As girls arrived at base camp in Ashford, we checked in with the gear shop for the rental items needed for the day. Each girl was outfitted with mountaineering boots (yes, the real deal plastic ones!), ice axe, crampons, harness, gaiters, helmet, avalanche transceiver and 1 triple-action locking carabiner. After everyone had the right gear we headed to RMI’s Mountain House for the morning meeting.


The course officially began with a morning meeting including instruction from our guides – Gloria & Julie Ann, 10 Essentials and Leave No Trace lesson from our Wild Skills Director – Christy Pelland and Peter Whittaker – who started guiding at age 16 and recently completed his 250th summit of Rainier this July. Peter’s father, Lou Whittaker, co-founded RMI in 1969 with the vision of establishing a guide service that was dedicated to teaching as well as leading climbers. Today, Peter carries on the 45 year legacy by growing the company’s impact by supporting organizations such as SheJumps.

wsmtschool_favs-5 wsmtschool_favs-6

After the meeting, the team did a gear check, loaded up and headed to Paradise at 5,400 ft elevation inside Mt. Rainier National Park – a 45 minute drive from the base camp area in Ashford. Upon arrival, the team put on Mountaineering boots and packed up all their gear, most packs weighing — lbs. After a lesson in how to properly carry an ice axe, we hit the Skyline trail heading up toward Golden Gate.

wsmtschool_favs-8 wsmtschool_favs-13 wsmtschool_favs-14

If you’ve ever walked on pavement in mountaineering boots – you know what these girls were experiencing for the first part of the trek. They’re a bit awkward and definitely take some getting used to. Our team took the new experience in stride but admittedly just walking in the boots was most girl’s thorn of the day.


wsmtschool_favs-20 wsmtschool_favs-21 wsmtschool_favs-22

The snow level was sitting right at 6400 ft which made for a long approach into a spot with enough snow coverage for us to play. At around noon, we reached our destination at Golden Gate situated between the Nisqually and Paradise Glaciers.

wsmtschool_favs-26 wsmtschool_favs-31 wsmtschool_favs-36

The first part of the course was practicing proper techniques for traveling in snow. How to maintain balance, choosing the right step, reading the mountain and other skills needed to successfully travel in this terrain.

wsmtschool_favs-41 wsmtschool_favs-46 wsmtschool_favs-47 wsmtschool_favs-52

Next the group worked on techniques for traveling uphill and then downhill. The guides made this even more fun by playing games such as Red light, Green light.

wsmtschool_favs-54 wsmtschool_favs-55 wsmtschool_favs-56

Hands down the favorite part of the day was glissading! Glissading is the act of sliding down a steep slope of snow or ice with the support of an ice axe. We practiced many variations of falls which made for priceless entertainment and lots of laughs.

wsmtschool_favs-60 wsmtschool_favs-63 wsmtschool_favs-65 wsmtschool_favs-70

This program took place thanks to a generous donation from Peter Whittaker and his partners at RMI. They support the work SheJumps does to get more girls and women into the mountains. We look forward to many more adventures with this team of talented adventurers!

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Special thanks to RMI Expeditions for sponsoring this program! Please check out all the amazing adventure RMI offers worldwide!

Wild Skills Adventure: Crystal Mountain – Recap

Written by Christy Pelland

On Thursday, August 10th, girls ages 6-18 and their families joined us for a Wild Skills Adventure at Crystal Mountain. SheJumps’ Wild Skills Adventures are open community events where parents/chaperones participate with the girls. Throughout the adventure, participants are introduced to a range of technical and survival skills girls need to get out and adventure.

The event start was a rolling one with groups showing up as they want between 9 am – 11am.
At registration they received a specialized Wild Skills Adventure map which guided them throughout the event. Here’s a look at the event starting at the base area with the gear check:

The Wild Skills Adventure Map for Crystal Mountain.

The Wild Skills Adventure Map for Crystal Mountain.

10 Essentials & Leave No Trace Station
Location: Base Area
Partner: Clif Kids

First stop of the day was 10 Essentials & Leave No Trace at the base area presented by Clif Kids. SheJumps ambassador, Cheryl Kochevar, a 10 Essentials pro at this point, did a gear check with each group, loaded them up with Clif Z bars and a journal as well as taught them how to protect the beautiful places they visit along the trail. After completed, they found their way over to the gondola for a ride to the summit.

wscrystal_favs-12 wscrystal_favs-16 wscrystal_favs-13

Mt. Rainier Natural History Station
Location: Summit area
Partner: Mt. Rainier National Park

After the laid back gondola ride, participants were treated to a full view of Mt. Rainier from the summit of Crystal Mountain topping out at an elevation of 6,872 feet. After soaking up the view, they traveled the ridge to the top of the Green Valley chair where Ranger Annie was waiting to teach them all about wildlife in our area. This station was presented by Mt. Rainier National Park.

Ranger Annie teaches participants about wildlife viewing at the top of Green Valley.

Ranger Annie teaches participants about wildlife viewing at the top of Green Valley.

Mountain Safety & First Aid Station
Location: Lucky Shot/Powder Pass
Partner: Crystal Mountain Ski Patrol

After completing the tasks at the Mt. Rainier Station, girls followed the summer trail route to the next station Mountain Safety & First Aid presented by Crystal Mountain Ski Patrol. Professional ski patrollers, Michelle and Corey, helped the girls understand what they can do to stay safe on the mountain as well as what to do in an emergency.

Mt. Rainier is all her beauty.

Mt. Rainier is all her beauty.

Crystal Mountain Ski Patroller, Michelle, teaches the girls trail safety and first aid techniques.

Crystal Mountain Ski Patroller, Michelle, teaches the girls trail safety and first aid techniques.



Water Purification & Outdoor Gadgets Station
Location: Elizabeth Lake
Partner: Yukon Trading Company

Halfway down the summer trail, groups encountered a small trail leading up to Elizabeth Lake where the Water Purification & Outdoor Gadgets Station presented by Yukon Trading Company was located. When you first arrived, Kevin Rinderle, gave you the breakdown of why we filter water and clearly represented all the bad stuff that can reside in water. Next, the girls got to filter water with Ultra-Light purification water bottles, a new product from Grayl that easily does the process for you. After filling water bottles, the girls learned how to use Jet Boil stoves to boil water and create their own hot chocolate treat. Special thanks to Yukon Trading Company for going above and beyond with this rad station that was a favorite of many I talked to!

Purifying water at Elizabeth Lake.

Purifying water at Elizabeth Lake.

Learning about diseases you can get from contaminated water with a little creative incentive.

Learning about diseases you can get from contaminated water with a little creative incentive.

Even on a 80 degree day - hot chocolate making was a hit!

Even on a 80 degree day – hot chocolate making was a hit!

Camping & Shelter Building Station

Location: Henskin Lake
Partner: Arc’teryx

Camping & Shelter Building located at Henskin Lake and presented by Arc’teryx Seattle was the last technical station the girls came across. This ended up being a great place for many groups to take an extended break – enjoying lunch and even some swimming. After recharging with snacks, they were greeted by the volunteer team who handed them a mixed bag of items and tasked with building a survival shelter. Each group was supervised by a volunteer team member and given tips & tricks throughout the building process. There were many creative solutions!

Henskin Lake the site of Arc'teryx's Shelter Building station.

Henskin Lake the site of Arc’teryx’s Shelter Building station.

Lunch break in an alpine lake on a perfectly sunny day.

Lunch break in an alpine lake on a perfectly sunny day.

wscrystal_favs-69 wscrystal_favs-65 wscrystal_favs-61

Wrap Party!
Location: Base Area lawn
Partner: Crystal Mountain & SheJumps

The remainder of the trail passed through old growth forest, an old mining cave, waterfalls and even traverses a ski run called Gold Hills which participants could catch a glimpse of the wrap party. After completing the trail, girls were greeted with a high five, face painting, bracelet making, water balloons, treats, lawn games and a pinata smash! Upon completion of stations, girls received a sticker marking they did it, at the end of the trail girls showed their completed maps to volunteers for chance drawing ticket. The free drawing included fabulous prizes such as SheJumps swag and a skateboard!

wscrystal_favs-78 wscrystal_favs-81 wscrystal_favs-74 wscrystal_favs-76

Wild Skills at Crystal Mountain was made possible thanks to our generous partners and by our dedicated and hard working PNW team of volunteers who gave their time to help make this an event the participants will never forget. Thank you to all who helped make this such a special event for these young ladies!

Special Thanks to our Adventure Stations Partners:
Clif Kids
Mt. Rainier National Park
Crystal Mountain Ski Patrol
Yukon Trading Company
Arc’teryx Seattle
Crystal Mountain Resort

Bradley’s Pro Shop Mt Equinox Hike and Yoga Recap

SheJumps had a hearty group of women join the challenging hike and summit yoga last Saturday in Manchester Vermont. WHAT IT RAINED? Did not bother us a bit, cause we worked up a sweat climbing up  the steeps and thoroughly enjoyed the sound of the trees in the drizzle.

Thanks to Bradley’s Pro shop for sponsoring the event and hosting us for some hard earned après treats at the shop.The work rain was never spoken throughout the entire day of hiking, although we did opt for yoga session inside the visitor summit at the top of Mt Equinox, which was warm, dry, and when our eyes weren’t closed , we coujld see the clouds from  all the windows.We had our chapstick from Ecolips and coffee from Tree line to make us happy!

Wild Skills Berkshire East Recap

Forty girls ages six to twelve arrived to Berkshire East on the perfect summer day for the first Northeast Wild Skills event. Berkshire East has been an amazing partner for many SheJumps events and their amazing donation of space made this event possible.

As the girls arrived they split into three teams based on age. The girls played introduction games before we had a group yoga session. It was the perfect way to start the morning before the groups went off to the three skills stations. The stations were shelter building, first aid and navigation.


Each of the stations were set up to provide the girls with basic skills. The shelter building station had the girls work as a team to create a place to stay with tarps and trash bags. Using items, you would have with you or could find in the woods to help make the supports the girls created amazing shelters.


The navigation station taught the girls how to use and read a compass and how to read a topo map. The girls then set off on a scavenger hunt using their new skills.


At the first aid station the girls learned what to do in case of an emergency and basic first aid that they could provide using a small first aid kit that most carry while out on adventures. They practiced these skills by taking turns having half the group be injured and the other half finding the injured girl and providing help and first aid.


This event would not have been possible if it was not for the 30 volunteers that came out to help. The volunteers lead the groups and the skills stations and provided the girls with a day full of fun, learning and confidence building! Thank you volunteers and thank you Berkshire East!

img_0812 img_0757 img_0484

SheJumps Skydive First Jump Course – Recap

On a sunny day in July, 6 ladies got together to literally take a jump – out of a plane!


After a session on land with awesome women instructors from Skydive Kapowsin and learning proper skills to safely jump out of a plane, the group headed up into the sky. What an exciting and unique way to try sky diving – I myself was not part of the event and did do the jump, but I was so impressed by the ladies that did the jump solo. Way to go!!!


Everyone loved sharing the sky with a great group of women!

Big thanks to Skydive Kapowsin and Rachel Delacour for making this happen!


Yulia Dubinina

SheJumps Into SUP Yoga Along The Ruston Way In Tacoma – 2017 Recap

This summer two SUP yoga events were hosted in Tacoma. We had beautiful sunny days to enjoy the water and the fantastic views of Commencement Bay. In both classes some women tried paddle boarding and/or yoga for the first time. Everyone had positive and enthusiastic attitudes, in typical SheJumps fashion! This resulted in fun classes and each of us challenging ourselves.


The classes provided a mix of challenge and relaxation. Our dedicated instructor, Lindsay Lambert, aka the Paddling Yogini, reminded us to receive the energy from the water (yes, waves and all) with our inhalations and to release any thoughts or distress on our exhalations. Lindsay teaches classes year round, and you might try an indoor yoga or TRX class sometime. Those of us needing to rent paddle boards were outfitted by Dolan Board Sports.


Commencement Bay is a beautiful place to explore. I hope you can join us next summer for SUP yoga or for paddle boarding.



Charee Boulter

SheJumps Mountain Biking in Carrabassett Valley October 14-15

Join SheJumps for a thrilling mountain bike ride along mossy streams and swimming holes up to the Poplar Stream Hut.

Ability – This ride is appropriate for intermediate and advanced mountain bikers.

You can choose a one day options with no meals or lodging. *You will have to ride back to your car on your own.

Or choose the two-day option with lodging and meals. *(Lodging/meals and gear transport reserved separately by calling Maine Huts and Tails.)* Where you will enjoy a relaxing dinner of impressive backcountry cuisine of locally sourced meat and produce. After a restful evening, a breakfast will be served at the hut at 7:30a.m. on Sunday, and a bag lunch provided to enjoy on the trail ride back. All meals are family style with set menu with special attention to dietary restrictions provided notice is given 11 days in advance. Beer and wine available at the hut for an additional fee.

Reservations must be made by September 14, 2017 by contacting Maine Huts and Trails directly at 207-265-2400. Full payment is due at the time of reservation.
Participants can call the center after September 14th to sign up and spaces will be open to the public and based on availability.

Cancellation Policy: If reservation is cancelled more than 30 days prior to arrival, it may be rescheduled at no charge or the individual can receive a refund of the balance paid, less a $25 cancellation fee. If cancelled within 15-30 days prior, you can receive a refund of the balance paid, less 50% for booking fees, or receive a credit of the balance paid less a $25 person per night rebooking fee, to be used within 12 months. If cancelled within 15 days, you are not eligible for a refund or credit.
The cancellation policy is Maine Huts and Trails and not in any way part of SheJumps. Reservation made with Maine Huts and Trails can only be changed or cancelled by calling Maine Huts and Trails.

Gear Shuttle: a gear shuttle for $25/bag/leg and can be scheduled at the time of booking your lodging booking.

Maine Huts and Trails pricing and information
Poplar Stream Hut 20 people– $76.50 adult/night
October 14, 2017 – October 15, 2017
Includes food service*
10/14 – 6:00 Dinner
10/15 – 7:30 Breakfast, Bagged Lunch
*Family Style with a set menu with efforts made to cater to dietary restrictions provided 11 days in advance. Beer & wine are sold at the hut.

Click here for more information and to buy your ticket on eventbrite:


SheJumps Trail Running 101 in Patapsco

Did you know that Maryland’s Patapsco State Park boasts 14,000 acres of wilderness right in your Baltimore backyard? Did you also know that within this park are endless trails just waiting for your feet to explore them?

Join SheJumps and CorCycle for an afternoon of advice and adventure as we take advantage of all this beautiful region has to offer. We’ll be offering a FREE introduction to trail running where you’ll have the chance to learn about safety and trail-specific techniques from local experts who have logged miles of experience.

You’ll put your new skills to work as we break off into smaller group for runs with guides eager to show you their favorite routes among the changing fall leaves. They’re be fueling your enthusiasm with tips for preparation, navigation and trail etiquette while in the great outdoors.Generous local partners will be providing snacks and drinks for you and your newest running buddy’s post-trail enjoyment where we’ll also be raffling off some fantastic prizes! For those eager to connect further within the running and parks community we’ll have resources available to direct you towards local groups and future events.

Although this is a FREE event, we do have a participant limit, so please ensure that you register by following the Eventbrite link. We’re stoked to have you join us!

Eventbrite - Trail Running 101 in Patapsco

Contact: Sarah Boisen – sarah.boisen@gmail.com

Join the Facebook event to get the latest updates!

RECAP: SheJumps Downhill Day at Massanutten Bike Park

Article by Kelly Drewnowski, Southeast Region Director

It was a beautiful summer-like September morning when 10 brave women from the Southeast met at Massanutten Resort in Virginia to embark on a thrilling day of downhill mountain biking.

Southeast Downhill Day 2

As the ladies were fitted for bikes, helmets, and pads, they received swag bags loaded with sunscreen, lip balm, coffee, wipes, and more, all donated by our great local and national partners.

Southeast Downhill Day 3

The intimate group quickly became aquatinted and was ready to roll out and start the downhill lesson.

Southeast Downhill Day 4

Once on the hill, Scott and Chad, downhill coaches for the resort, shared their knowledge while explaining proper body positioning, gearing, and disc brake usage. The experience levels of the group, representing four decades of ages, varied in from never-ever to advanced intermediate. Thanks to the great coaching, all were able to gather lots of pointers for their bag of tricks.

Southeast Downhill Day 5

After a few demonstrations, the ladies split into two smaller groups as the coaches helped participants practice several drills to refine their stance and braking on the forgiving grass ski slopes.

Southeast Downhill Day 6

Finally it was time to take this newfound knowledge to the trails! After learning to load the bikes on the lift, which was no easy task, the ladies made their way up to the top of the beginner trails, thankful for the help of friendly lift attendants.

Southeast Downhill Day 7

The ladies cheered each other on all day…

Southeast Downhill Day 8

even when riding down the lift ramp! As with any new sport, each accomplishment is to be celebrated.

Southeast Downhill Day

Once out on the trails the coaching continued as Chad and Scott stopped their groups periodically to give demos and more pointers.

Southeast Downhill Day

SheJumps provides the perfect supportive learning environment for women of all abilities.

Southeast Downhill DayEveryone was proud of each lesson learned as they went from newbies to being comfortable on the varying terrain and trails.

Southeast Downhill Day

While stopping to learn a new skill participants could be seen taking in the beauty of the mountain and all it has to offer.  Massanuten, in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, not only has an excellent bike park, but is a breathtaking setting for getting outside.

Southeast Downhill Day

Even the full face helmets couldn’t hide the smiles of each jumper as they stopped to regroup on the side of the trail. Everywhere you looked ladies were grinning under their gear!

Southeast Downhill Day

As the ladies became more comfortable they moved on to trails of greater difficulty. Everyone made it through all of the lower trails and by the end of the day some even went up the advanced lift!

Southeast Downhill Day

After a quick lunch outside on the lodge deck everyone was eager to get back on the trails. Several of the ladies headed up to the advanced lift for more of a challenge, while a few stayed down low to refine their new skills.

Southeast Downhill Day

This crew drove over 3 hours to spend the day riding together and was excited to head up to more difficult terrain.

Southeast Downhill Day

Once at the top everyone realized things were going to be a lot more challenging…Jump Skills Required wasn’t exactly what they had in mind…

Southeast Downhill Day

but it ended up being a blast!

Southeast Downhill Day

As the difficulty greatly increased, so did the height of the berms, which helped teach how to bank turns.

Southeast Downhill Day

The best part of the day was seeing the constant smiles as everyone was truly having a blast with the wind in their hair and the dirt under their fat tires!

After almost 6 hours of riding it was time to call it a day, turn in the rental gear and gather at Base Camp on the ski lodge deck to rehydrate and support SheJumps with a raffle.

Southeast Downhill Day

The raffle prizes, including plenty of women’s bike attire, were a huge hit and everyone happily took home a raffle prize and some even scored new SheJumps Girafficorn gear!

Southeast Downhill Day

For several of the participants this was their first SheJumps event, but hopefully not their last. They plan to join us this winter for our annual Get the Girls Out at the Nut ski day and mentioned they’d love another downhill day!

Southeast Downhill Day

The Southeast Jumpers representing with pride in the new Girafficorn bike jerseys by DaKine, hot of the presses! Get yours here before the sell out in the online store.

Southeast Downhill Day

We’d like to give a big thanks to the staff of Massanutten Bike Park for helping SheJumps put on this thrilling Outdoor Education event. We’d also like to thank the crew at Base Camp for feeding the hungry riders at the end of the day!  And thank you to our national partners EcoLips, Treeline Coffee RoastersEssential Wipes, SunSkiCoolaMountain KhakisWild Rye, and Krimson Klover for all the great swag and raffle prizes!

Without each of these partners we wouldn’t be able to host such awesome events. Please support them as they have supported each of us in our endeavor to learn something new!

Southeast Downhill Day

A special thanks to all the ladies who came and tried a fun new sport with SheJumps. It was an amazing day full of stoke and we’re super appreciative of everyone supporting this awesome organization! As always it was fun to learn new skills, meet new friends and have a great time with fellow female outdoor enthusiast while spreading the word about SheJumps! We can’t wait to see each of you at future SJ events!

Celebrate 10 Years of SheJumps in Seattle on Nov. 3

3434 E Bengal Blvd #114
Salt Lake City, UT 84121
(505) 480-3338


SALT LAKE CITY — Celebrating a decade of outdoor education programs and events for women and girls, SheJumps, a 501c3 nonprofit, is hosting the SheJumps 10 Year Anniversary Bash & Fundraiser at the Seattle Bouldering Project on Nov. 3, 2017 in Seattle.

In 10 years, SheJumps has created over 10,000 new opportunities for women and girls to get into the outdoors in 19 states across the U.S. Founded on the concept that mountains are the greatest teacher, SheJumps programs are designed to empower women and girls in the outdoors by teaching them technical skills and creating connection to community.

The SheJumps Anniversary Bash & Fundraiser will take place from 7 to 11 p.m. and feature local beer, cider, wine, food and music. In step with the SheJumps mantra to push comfort zones or “take a jump,” the Seattle Bouldering Project will host fun challenges for attendees to participate in such as a hula hoop traverse, ring swing, swinging doors and much more. The American Fundraising Foundation will be hosting a silent auction to benefit SheJumps by offering unique travel experiences to destinations from Costa Rica to Alaska and the Green Islands. A sneak peek of these prizes is included below.

“We are so excited to share the successes of SheJumps and ring in the new decade with our amazing Seattle community,” says Executive Director and Co-founder Claire Smallwood. “As one of the first organizations for women in the outdoors, this event is a true milestone for SheJumps.”

Tickets are $30 in advance, $35 at the door. Limited VIP tickets (100) are available for $55 and feature express beer and wine service, as well as commemorative Girafficorn pint glass. All admission levels come with one raffle ticket. Additional raffle tickets will be available for purchase at the event.

Leading up to the event, anyone, anywhere may purchase a Golden Ticket for a chance to win a 10-day condo stay in Whistler, 2 Marmot outerwear kits and 2 pairs of K2 skis. You do not need to be present to win the Golden Ticket grand prize.

Event tickets + Golden Tickets can be purchased directly at shejumpsanniversarybash.eventbrite.com. Media interested in covering the event, please contact claire@shejumps.org

Silent Auction Sneak Peek

American Fundraising Foundation Travel Experiences include roundtrip airfare and deluxe accommodations for 2, as well as a personalized travel specialist to give you the white glove treatment you deserve as a SheJumps donor!

alaska costa-rica greece ireland james-bond paris san-fran tuscany sj_anniversary_invite_5x7