Urban Ascent Climbing Event Wrap-Up

Our second annual climbing event at Urban Ascent was a success! This year the 16 ladies took on routes of varying difficulty with courage and confidence. With ten women and six kids we had a great mix of giggles and high fives. The ladies went through an extensive belay instruction which provided valuable knowledge on climbing technique and safety. Judging by the encouragement and pride we saw from the women, we’d say the event was a success!


SheJumps + Mountain Madness Crevasse Rescue Clinic Recap

Written by: Krystin Norman, SheJumps Seattle Ambassador

Spring in the Pacific Northwest is gaining speed (and sunshine!) after a long and amazing winter full of powder days at the resort and less backcountry skiing than we had originally planned because riding the lift was too convenient. Now that the resorts are closed, the mind of every skier, who can’t give up standing on two sticks for more than a month, has shifted from searching for untouched pow to searching for perfect corn skiing on our beautiful volcanic mountains that hold snow year-round.

When considering backcountry travel on glaciated snow, one must also consider the risks of both crevasse travel and avalanche danger. For the past couple of winters, SheJumps PNW has collaborated with Mountain Madness guides out of Seattle, Washington on a number of all-women’s AIARE avalanche safety courses. A couple of weekends ago, we held our first SheJumps and Mountain Madness crevasse rescue clinic on the Nisqually Glacier and Paradise side of beautiful Mount Rainier National Park.

Course attendees meeting at Paradise in the morning before heading up to the glacier.

Course attendees meeting at Paradise in the morning before heading up to the glacier.

The lovely and wise Jenny Konway, of Mountain Madness and RMI guides, was our upbeat guide for the day. Five ladies from the greater Seattle-area gathered with Jenny at the Paradise parking lot to go through gear and introduce each other before beginning the course. As soon as we left the parking lot (and the skier guys parked next to us) to head up towards the glacier, the vibe instantly switched to judgement-free lady mode. It was a gorgeous, sunny morning with some clouds rolling in over Rainier, but with crisp views of the Tatoosh, Mount Adams, and Mount Saint Helens in the distance. As the ladies chatted on the way up the skin track, we all learned that our worlds are pretty small with many mutual places lived, friends, and interests in life.

Jenny Konway of Mountain Madness Guides leading the SheJumps group up towards the Nisqually Glacier on Mount Rainier.

Jenny Konway of Mountain Madness Guides leading the SheJumps group up towards the Nisqually Glacier on Mount Rainier.

Once on an ideal part of the glacier under Pan Point with flat snow and a steep hill for practicing crevasse rescue, we all put on our harnesses and grabbed our ice axes to practice self-arresting with an ice axe. Self-arresting is hard work! Jenny gave us all some great tips about proper stance to get boots dug into the snow or ice, and how to have a bomber arm lock with your ice axe to jam it in the snow/ice while avoiding hitting your face.

Lady crew under Pan Point with Rainier peeking out behind some clouds.

Lady crew under Pan Point with Rainier peeking out behind some clouds.

Throughout the rest of the day, we went over 2-person and 3-person rescue systems for setting Z-pulleys with 3:1 and 6:1 mechanical advantage to rescue a fallen friend from a crevasse. Jenny covered use of picket anchors, T-slot anchors, and an equalized two-anchor system to allow the rescuer to escape the rope system before setting up a pulley haul system.

Jenny Konway demonstrating the use of snow anchors after self-arresting.

Jenny Konway demonstrating the use of snow anchors after self-arresting.

We also discussed the use of ski gear or even snow as a way to create anchors in the absence of pickets and T-slots. Practicing prusik hitches and use of prusiks as friction hitches was essential throughout the entire day, and the ladies practiced these hitches one-handed and in a number of awkward stances as if they were in rescue mode after self-arresting themselves and their friend.

Analyzing our first Z-pulley with 3:1 mechanical advantage!

Analyzing our first Z-pulley with 3:1 mechanical advantage!

After a full day of switching rescue teams and practicing all of the sequential steps of crevasse rescue over and over again to learn it as best as possible, we practiced a bit of rope skills for roping up to walk or skin in glaciated terrain. After some rope practice, we all packed up our glacier gear, put on our packs, transitioned to ski mode (yay!), and made some turns back down to the cars at Paradise!

Nothing like making some turns in snow after a full value day of learning with other like-minded ladies!

Nothing like making some turns in snow after a full value day of learning with other like-minded ladies!

The snow was a bit sticky from the warm sun that day, but the turns were soft and buttery! Smiles were plentiful back at the cars as we chatted about the day and how we were all excited to start practicing crevasse rescue skills more in preparation for future adventures.

A huge thanks to our partners for supporting this clinic!

Mountain Madness
Treeline Coffee Roasters

Basic Bicycle Maintenance and Riding Skills Workshop

Summer is right around the corner which means it’s time to grab your bicycle and take advantage of the growing number of rider-friendly routes Maryland has to offer! Has it been a while since you’ve been on your bike and are unsure how to assess its condition before tuning it into tip top shape?

Join SheJumps and Race Pace Bicycles for an interactive evening talking about tuning and trails! You’ll get the rundown from expert bike mechanics on use useful maintenance tips and tricks such as changing a flat, lubricating a chain, adjusting cables and more. We’ll also be discussing safe practices for biking within a city and sharing some of our favorite local trails. Ladies of all ages, abilities and experience levels are welcome to come gain skills, confidence and of course, plenty of new riding buddies!

Registration: Free! But you must register below via “Register Now” to save your spot!

Raffle Tickets: $5 per ticket or 3 for $10

Eventbrite - Basic Bicycle Maintenance and Riding Skills Workshop in Maryland

Join the Facebook event to get the latest updates!

Event Contact: Sarah Boisen – sarah.boisen@gmail.com

(Proceeds to benefit future SheJumps programming.)

Trail Running & Nature Workout Recap

It was a sunny and cool, spring Monday night on May 8th for the She Jumps Trail Run & Nature Workout at McConnell’s Mill State Park in Portersville, Pennsylvania.  There were 5 women and it was a quiet evening at the park – we only saw one other person on the trail the whole night!

mcconnell's mill

To start off, we descended the long staircase from the picnic area down to the old Mill. Crossing the bridge we met up with the trail, which runs alongside the Slippery Rock Creek.  The 3-mile loop followed the creek out then turned at a bridge to come back on the other side.


The trail is laced with boulders, rocks, and waterfalls.  With the recent rain, the creek was high and moving powerful to add to the energy of the run!  Stopping along the way, we did push-ups on the stairs, lunges on the sandy shore, rock squats, side planks, balance work, and log rows.  It’s amazing how simple it is to get a full-body workout in nature (with great views)!  Some of the women in the group had never run on trails or done these exercises outdoors before and loved the simplicity and challenge.  The end of the run was a steady climb back up the staircase, and all 5 women finished strong!

Join the Northeast facebook group to learn about upcoming events!


SheJumps Sailing and Stand-Up Paddleboarding – Burlington, VT

Join SheJumps and the Community Sailing Center for a day on the water! Come try out sailing and stand up paddle boarding. This is a great way for all abilities and ages (10 and up) to get out on the water, meet new friends and learn some new skills. After the event join us for a social hour!


Tickets- Click here for tickets

Time Line-
12:15 to 12:45 registration (we have issues with people not arriving on time so this is why we do this) Please arrive by 12:30 to check in and get ready to go!
1 to 2:30- Sailing or Stand Up paddle boarding
2:30 to 4- Switch activities
4 to 5- Social Hour

Where do I go for classes?
All programs will be held at the Center, located next to the Moran Building at 234 Penny Lane just north of the Coast Guard Station and the Fishing Pier.

Directions: To get to the Center, head towards the lake on Main Street. Go straight at the intersection of Battery Street. At the next stop sign, take a right and proceed straight. Bear slightly left to cross the railroad tracks and go straight between the two brick buildings. The Sailing Center is located at the northern end of the parking lot.

What if it’s raining?
While we will never go out on the water if the weather is dangerous, rain alone is not considered dangerous. We meet at scheduled times, regardless of the weather. Be sure to bring a rain jacket and/or a pull-over you don’t mind getting wet.
Rain Date: Saturday June 17th

Do I have to know how to swim?
No. Every participant will wear a life jacket while on dock, boat, and board.

What should I bring?
The weather in New England, and especially Northern Vermont, is notoriously shifty. Please be prepared to “weather” conditions that range from 75° F, bright sunshine and no wind, to 48° in a rain squall with 18 knots of wind. Please bring what you need to be warm and comfortable.

Everyone should bring:
– 1 quart of drinking water (minimum) in a reusable water bottle
– Sunscreen (we have extra if needed)
– Shoes secured at the heel and appropriate for getting wet (old sneakers work well, chacos, tevas – flip flops do not)
– Insulating layer: fleece vest, jacket or sweater
– Rain jacket or windbreaker
– Snack (as needed by individual)

SheJumps Downhill day at Thunder Mountain Bike Park

Come join SheJumps and Thunder Mountain Bike Park for Women’s Downhill day. This is an awesome way to try out downhill mountain biking, or hit the trails with new friends. Basic instruction is provided to those who have not ridden before.

* *You must pre register via eventbrite **
If you want to rent a bike you have to call Thunder Mountain bike park and reserve it. The cost does not include a ticket, the ticket needs to be purchased on eventbrite. Bikes will sell out very quickly there is only a limited number its highly suggested you call and reserve the bike and then get your ticket on Eventbrite!
Bike options http://thundermountainbikepark.com/bike-rentals-and-service/

There are 3 different options to rent, the Status, Demo and Enduro all are great bikes and have similar prices (Prices below include 20 percent off)
Status- $88
Demo- $108
Enduro- $100
Ripcord- $88 (youth bike)
Remember to rent with out the cost of a ticket and mention SheJumps so you get 20 percent off. The number is 413-339-6617 you can only do this over the phone.

Tickets- Get your ticket here

Group options-
Beginner basic skills-for those who have never mountain biked or downhill mountain biked
Intermediate skills- for those who have been downhill mountain biking before
Group ride- for those who just want to ride and are comfortable on intermediate trails.

Once you sign up via eventbrite please email me at bsinclair@shejumps.com to let me know which one you would like to do and your mountain biking background so I can make sure the group is a good fit!

Day at the bike park
9:30am to 10am- Check in and get your tickets, rentals and get ready we leave at 10am!
10am to 12pm Groups head out to ride
12pm- Lunch Break
12:45pm to 3pm- Group ride

What to wear: Wear comfortable clothes suitable for exercising. This includes athletic shoes and socks but no open toe shoes. We require approved bike helmets and we strongly recommend that you wear a full face helmet. Additionally, we recommend that you have protective body armor that includes, leg protection, chest protection and elbow pads. This protective equipment can be rented through our rental shop. Gloves, goggles, and other recommended gear is also available for purchase at the retail store. It may rain or drizzle so be prepared to bring a rain jacket. It may also get hot and muggy, so remember to bring water or sports drink when riding.

What to expect: Thunder Mountain Bike Park is a gravity-fed park. You take the lift up and ride down the mountain. This style of riding is best suited for very specific bicycles and gear. We highly recommend a minimum wheel diameter of 26″, protective body armor, a minimum of 4″ of shock travel, and we also recommend that all seats be set at a lower position. Riding a real downhill or enduro mountain bike with lots of plush suspension and big brakes will give you a more enjoyable riding experience. Like any sport or outdoor activity, Downhill Mountain Biking has certain risks. However, these risks can be minimized and you can have a safe, enjoyable and injury free experience by being personally responsible for your own physical wellbeing, making good decisions.

Do you want to rent or bring your own bike?
You can bring your own bike. However, only Mountain Bikes are allowed. We do not allow Road Bikes, BMX Bikes, Hybrid Bikes, Cyclocross Bikes or Beach Cruisers. All bikes must have front and rear brakes in proper working condition. No coaster brakes are allowed. All brakes must be a V-Style or Disc Brake configuration. No single pivot brakes are allowed! It is highly recommended that all bikes have at least a front suspension system.
It is also highly recommended that all riders drop their seat posts When in doubt, drop your seat posts! This will give you the range of motion necessary for a safe neutral riding position when negotiating bumpy, undulating terrain. While you may feel as though the seat post height on your current XC set up is proper, a lower seat height is strongly recommended.Location and tickets:
Thunder Mountain Bike Park is located at Berkshire East Ski Area- 66 South River Road, Charlemont MA 01339. Please reserve tickets ahead of time by clicking the Eventbrite link. Please call 413 339 6575 to rent a bike a head of time.

Get the Girls Out at Beartooth Basin Summer Shredfest

Join SheJumps and the Mountain Rider’s Alliance for the 1st Annual Summer Shredfest, a celebration of all things shred! SheJumps will be hosting a signature “Get the Girls Out!” event on Friday June 16th. The weekend also features a Freeride World Tour Qualifying event (FWT) and SkiMo race. Details on other activities happening throughout the event can be found at: http://summershredfest.com/

About Get the Girls Out

“Get The Girls Out” is a national campaign to unite women as they support, challenge, mentor and inspire each other in the outdoor sports world. These events cultivate communities for women to have fun and connect with friends – new and old. ‘Get the Girls Out!’ also creates opportunities for women to share & inspire and ensures younger generations have the opportunity to storm mountains & develop the life skills necessary to succeed on the mountains and in life!


Schedule for SheJumps’ Get the Girls Out! Event

8:30 a.m. Morning Yoga in Red Lodge: Join us for a morning stretch before we head up to the basin.
10:30 a.m. Registration at Beartooth Basin: Make yourself a custom personal superhero cape for celebrating the day in true Girafficorn style.
11:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. Shred with SJ co-founder Lynsey Dyer!  Join SheJumpers from across the country as we rage Beartooth Basin with custom superhero capes!
12:30 – 1:00 p.m. LUNCH
1 p.m. – 2:30 p.m. Big Mountain Freeride Clinic (Instructor: TBD)
2:30 – 4:00 p.m. Companion Rescue Demo / Beacon Practice (Instructor: TBD)
4 p.m. Raffle: Short Après Session in Parking Lot & Raffle

Eventbrite - Get the Girls Out at Beartooth Basin Summer Shredfest

About Mountain Rider’s Alliance

Mountain Rider’s Alliance, LLC was founded in 2010 to create sustainable Mountain Playgrounds tm  and is the leading advocate for non-corporate ski areas. They administrate the Mountain Playground Group, an international consortium of 9 community and independent ski areas. MRA offers management and consulting services as well as is in the permitting process to reopen Manitoba Mountain on Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula.

About Beartooth Basin Ski Area

Beartooth Basin Ski Area is not appropriate for beginner skiers/snowboarders. We recommend having an advanced-intermediate skiing/riding ability for this event.


Located on the Montana/Wyoming border, Beartooth Basin is 23 miles south of Red Lodge, Montana on Highway 212, near the summit of the famous Beartooth Pass. Served by two high-speed Poma lifts, Beartooth Basin features 600 Acres of skiing terrain varying in pitch from 15 degrees to 50 degrees. The summit elevation is 10,900 ft. with 700 vertical feet of lift serviced terrain. Surrounding areas offer 3,000 vertical feet of shuttle-assisted or hike-to backcountry skiing and riding.

James River Urban Hike

Join the ladies of SheJumps for an evening hike across and around the James River as we take in amazing views of the skyline of Richmond! We’ll start at Browns Island and cross the majestic James on the newly opened T. Tyler Potterfield Memorial Bridge, then follow the Flood Wall Trail above the banks of the river for an approximately 4 mile out and back hike. Plan to meet at the Browns Island entrance closest to Tredegar Iron Works. Hike will mostly be on paved and gravel walking paths.

Don’t miss this awesome opportunity to check out the breathtaking views and meet more likeminded outdoor women. Be sure to invite a friend and join the ladies of SheJumps by reserving your spot via Eventbrite today!

Registration Fee: $5

Eventbrite - SheJumps James River Urban Hike

Join the Facebook event to get the latest updates!

Event Contact: Kelly Drewnowski – kdrewnowski@shejumps.org

(Proceeds to benefit future SheJumps programming.)

SheJumps Into Fly Fishing Seattle at Golden Gardens Park – Recap

 The spring weather could not have been better on the morning of April 15th when SheJumps hosted a 2-hour introductory fly fishing class in North Seattle’s Golden Gardens Park.

Fly Fishing Image 5

In collaboration with Redington fly rods, SheJumps took to the field with 28 ladies to learn the fundamentals of fly fishing. We were glad to see that so many ladies came to participate in the day’s activities and to learn the basics of a sport that was new to most in attendance.

Fly Fishing Image 8

Our expert instructors Brita Fordice and Karlie Roland both local Northwest fishing guides who have years of experience on the water, spent the first part of the morning going over gear options which would enable the ladies to get out and catch some fish in their local waters. Amongst the topics covered were waders, fly rods, reels, fly lines, and basic rod set up. As this portion of the class was lecture style, the ladies were encouraged to take notes and ask questions as we covered a variety of topics such as ‘What makes the booties of waders waterproof?’ and ‘What type of fly should I use for fishing the local beaches of the Puget Sound?’

Fly Fishing Image 1

During the second part of the introductory class, we spread out in the field to get some hands-on experience with casting a fly rod. We practiced casting the fly line to make a D-loop and our 10 O’clock and 2 O’clock rod positions as we casted line back and forth through the guides of our fly rods. We learned techniques for holding the rod and not ‘breaking our wrists’ while casting, referring to the position of our wrist and idea that the rod should be an extension of our arm with little bend in the wrist. Many of the ladies had some natural talent for casting while others worked at it and laughed when their lines coiled up into wavy loops close to their feet. It was smiles all around as we picked up our rods again and flung the line back over our shoulders in the attempt at perfecting our next cast. After every 3rd ‘false cast’ we were sure to set the line down in the grass to replicate the offering up of our flies to rising fish. As we were told by Brita and Karlie, ‘You can’t catch a fish if your fly isn’t in the water’.   

Fly Fishing Image 3

After casting, fly boxes were passed around so that we could check out the patterns in a rainbow of colors and sizes. We were given streamer flies and tippet supplies and took a moment to learn the basic Surgeons Knot for tying tippet to our leaders and the Improved Clinch Knot for tying our fly hook to the tip of our line. It was fun to learn the intricacies of maneuvering our fingers over the ultra-small diameter tippet line to form the perfect loop before pulling tight to secure the knot and checking our work.

Fly Fishing Image 7

Our instructors gave us some names of local fly shops in the Seattle area and encouraged us to visit our local shops to talk with the very informative staff. We learned that there are a number of fly shops in the area that are very welcoming to newcomers and eager to assist with helping people navigate through the details and methods of fishing for a variety of different species of game fish. Each of the ladies also signed up for receiving updates on local fishing events from Karlie’s women’s fly fishing program through Emerald Water Anglers fly shop in West Seattle. For more information on these programs check out this link

Fly Fishing Image 2

It was an exceptionally fun day at the park and some of the ladies even got together afterwards for a pint at Peddler Brewing to chat about fishing with each other and with the instructors.

I’m sure that many of the ladies were thinking just as I was, that we can’t wait get out on the water and continue to practice our skills in the hopes of sending out that perfect cast and hearing those magical words ‘fish on’.

Nicole Labrie

Far Bank Ent.| Softgoods Product Developer / SheJumper


Photo Credit: Julie Cyr

Big THANKS to our sponsors!




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SheJumps trail running and nature work out May 8th

Join SheJumps and WILD Wellness at McConnell’s Mills State Park for a trail run and outdoor workout where you’ll use nature to build strength and balance. Run by waterfalls and through the glacial-carved Slippery Rock Gorge as you adventure along the trail for a nature-inspired workout! The event be a great introduction to trail running and outdoor workouts to women of all ages and skill levels.

Pre-registration is required, and event will run rain or shine. Click here to sign up.

Time line-
6:00-6:15- Check in and get ready to head out. We will head out at 6:15 so please be ready to
go by then
6:15-7:30- Trail run + workout

Required items-
Running shoes

What to wear and bring- Be prepared to be outside. Appropriate running shoes are required.