Good Form Running Clinic and Get the Girls Out Trail Run

Kalamazoo Good Form Running Clinic and GTGO

Hi Midwest!

We are offering a good form running clinic followed by a trail run Sunday, August 11th. The run coaches from Gazelle Sports are going to show us how to run efficiently, safely, and strongly on the Al Sabo trails just outside of Kalamazoo. This an opportunity to learn a few things about trail running, meet some outdoorsy ladies, and get in a great workout. The clinic and run is designed for everyone. If you are already an experience trail runner, bring a friend who is just learning and share your knowledge with us. If you have never been on the trails, this clinic and run is a way to get started! If you want to just come and learn about trail running, but hike instead of run, that is cool too! Space is limited to 15 people for the clinic and the run is open to anyone.

Finally, please consider bringing a $5-$10 donation. The money will be used to fund future shejumps events in our region!

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If you have questions, want to RSVP, or want to get involved email Laurel at

Jump Into Yoga!

After I tore my ACL skiing this past winter I developed a lot of lower back pain from the disparity of strength between legs. I found that yoga was one of the only things I could do to alleviate the pain as I was working to build my strength back. After approaching my good friend Erin Walton about teaching a weekend yoga event, the stage was set for the first Jump Into Yoga event.

IMG_7379 (1)

What an extraordinary weekend! Women came from all over Colorado to the Dancing Moose yurt near beautiful Gould, Colorado. With support from our amazing local sponsors the women fueled up on yummy Noosa Yoghurt, as they lounged in their rad new Jen-ai Oarwoman skirts complete with girafficorns. Even better was that everyone had a chance to connect with themselves, nature, and other adventurous women. Yoga brought us to the yurt, but a hike, some journaling, and lively discussion brought us together as friends. As a moose and her calf strolled in front of the yurt, we were reminded how lucky we were to be spending some precious time in nature and our hike filled with blooming columbines reiterated that.

Jump Into Yoga

Attendee Elissa Hoffert said, “There is nothing quite like stretching into a yoga pose and viewing the mountains in the background. I found connecting with women with whom I would have never crossed paths exhilarating. As a woman who loves the outdoors but has fairly limited experiences with them, I found myself enriched and challenged by the stories that others shared. I left feeling renewed and ready to find ways to get my friends outside together.”


The woman went through three different vigorous yoga classes followed with some journaling where they were challenged to consider what brings their lives in and out of balance. Instructor Erin Walton also treated the women to an introduction to Ayurveda, the sister science of yoga while another attendee, Annie Kerr, owner and designer of Wild Balance, surprised everyone by gifting each participant with a pair of her beautiful earrings.


As we headed away from the yurt, I considered how wonderful it was to have a chance to practice yoga with such supportive SheJumper sisters in the fresh mountain air and I recommitted myself to finding balance as I work to continue jumping into my goals. Weekends like this are what make all the hard work behind each SheJumps event worth it and it could not have happened without our great sponsors. Thanks again to Jen-ai, Noosa, Wild Balance, Vitamin Cottage, Yoga Luna, and REI!

— Melissa Harms, Rockies Regional Coordinator

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Get The Girls Out – Stowe Mountain Bike

The NorthEast Girls got out this past weekend for a day of mountain biking in Stowe, Vermont. Despite weeks of relentless rain, we were able to ride a fun set of well-drained, intermediate trails in Stowe’s Cady Hill Forest. Managed by the Stowe Land Trust and the Stowe Mountain Bike Club, the trails at Cady Hill Forest are well-built with a few beginner level trails and a host of intermediate and advanced trails. With some sweet laps under our belts, we enjoyed a sunny BBQ and gear giveaway.

Thanks to our partners, Kate’s Real Food Bars, Vapur Water Bottles, Mocean Mate Energy Tea, and the SkierShop in Stowe, Vermont, for making Get The Girls Out-Stowe Mountain Bike so much fun!

Stay tuned for our upcoming road and mountain biking events in New Hampshire and Vermont! If you want to jump in with SheJumps, give us a holler! Contact Autumn at and check out the SheJumps Clubhouse.

GTGOStoweMtnBike_070713 GTGOStoweMtnBike2_070713

Hero Kit: Happy Bikes & Happy Bikers

How many times have you found yourself bike wrestling? You know that, get-back-in-place-you-stupid-bike-tube-magigger-err feeling right before your tire iron slips off the rim of your wheel and you slice open your knuckles? That’s usually the moment just before a friendly, smiling, mechanically minded fellow biker shows up behind you on the trail and gives you a few helpful hints about how to get your tube back into place without the struggle. Don’t you wish that guy showed up a few moments earlier, before the blood and frustration? Even better, what if you could carry him around in your jersey pocket to reference whenever a bike repair need arose?

Now you can! Hero Kits have put together well thought out bike repair kits. The folks at Hero Kits have done this before, they know the bikes, they’ve seen the crisis and they know which ones are the most common and what you’re going to need to put your bike back together.
The tools, however, aren’t much good if you don’t know how to use them, which is what makes the Instruction Booklet the crown jewel of the kit. The small, lightweight booklet provides step-by-step and easy to understand instructions on dealing with bike related blow-ups, covering scenarios such as a broken chain, wobbly wheel, brake problems, and more.

As of now, I’ve been lucky enough not to need to use my Hero Kit trail side, however I did flip through the booklet and gave my bike a few maintenance tweaks that have helped things (brakes and shifters) function a little smoother. This review is to be amended after my next bike breakdown, which, considering the vintage of my bike, may be sooner rather than later.

For more information, check out


Hero Kit: An asset to any biking pack

I received my mountain biking Hero Kit just over a week ago and finally had the opportunity to use it today! The guide that comes along had with the kit lays out how to repair some of the most common issues a mountain biker will encounter, and even comes with a rating system so you know how difficult of a repair you’re embarking on!  In addition to the guide the mountain biking kit contains: 1) 12-function multitool, 2) duct tape, 3) multi-use wipes, 4) zip ties, 5) gear cable, 6) Tyvek patch frame bolt & cleat bolt, 7) Planet Bike tire levers and patch kit, 8) missing link-9, and 9) missing link-10.  It fits easily into a small pack, along with the other essentials, and is extremely light so you don’t feel weighted down.

Mountain Bike Hero KitToday, I was able to use the 12-function multitool to tighten the reflector on my bike. It’s been wobbling around for a while, but I always forget to fix it by the time I’m home – good thing I had my Hero Kit with me to address it on the trail!  Luckily I didn’t run into any major issues on my trip today, but it was nice knowing that I would be prepared if a situation arose.

Hero Kit Repair

For all the road bikers out there, Hero Kit has you covered too – there’s a road bike version available! There’s also a crash pack version, which would be good to have for any kind of biking.

I’m super happy to have a Hero Kit to provide peace of mind while out on the trail!

– Cristy

Outdoor Education: Kalamazoo Bike Clinic July 27th

When: July 27th, 10 a.m. (We will have coffee!)
Where: PEDAL Bike Shop, 611 West Michigan Ave / Kalamazoo, MI 49007
Cost: $20
Please RSVP to, the event space is limited to 20 women.

resized for posting. full size is on dropbox

In this two hour bike maintenance clinic, Southwest Michigan women will learn some basic biking survival skills. PEDAL bike shop will review how to change a tire, what women should have with them on a bike ride, how to remove the front and back wheel, what to do at home to keep breakdowns to a minimum, and when to seek bike shop help. In addition to this, SW Michigan women will be able to connect with one another and learn about a SheJumps ride to Lake Michigan later this summer. PEDAL is offering participants 15% off all merchandise (Except bikes) and all participants will receive a water bottle, tire, levers, and KNOW HOW! 

Gear Review-My new hero kit!

Tracy Remelius hero kitI’m so excited about our new partnership with Hero Kits! Hero-kits will be partnering up with She Jumps in the Northeast for an upcoming bike clinic. We are firming up the dates so stay tuned!

I love my mountain biking hero kit! I’m a newbie to mountain biking and I want to participate in more group rides in my area, i’ve been a little intimidated by the group ride but now I feel like I could participate with confidence.

Having the hero-kit makes me feel ready for anything on the trail, and I could be someone’s she-ro!

I love the pocket sized instruction booklet. It’s step by step directions are really clear to follow and it’s written in a way that makes me feel empowered to try the repairs.Hero-kit multi tool

The other thing that really impressed me was the multi-tool. It’s very high quality and has everything you need including the chain wrench.

Not that I’m saying I want the opportunity to use the kit, but I feel like when the opportunity does arise, I will be prepared and pleased with my Hero-kit.

Tracy Remelius. Northeast Regional Coordinator.Girafficorn Hero kit

Meet Midwest Ambassador Laurel Peak!


Hometown: Augusta, MI

Home mountain or favorite outdoor place?
My favorite mountain of all time is Mount Moosilauke in the White Mountains in New Hampshire. My goal is to hike Moosilauke every year of my life!

Favorite quote:
“Be so happy that when others see you, it makes them smile!” -paraphrased from a yogi tea bag.

Outdoor activities: 
I try to get outside everyday. This can be as simple as getting pulled by my crazy puppy on my long board down my street or mountain biking all day around norther Michigan. Either way, I love to see the outdoors at different hours. I love the early morning because it is so quiet, and I love the end of the afternoon because all the critters are bustling around! I am pretty much up to try anything outside. This year I want to learn to surf on Lake Michigan.

What does being a Jumper mean to you?
As a jumper, I want to inspire women (and men) to try new things in the outdoors. I want to help women push themselves out of their comfort zone.

What inspires you/inspired you to be such a outdoorsy lady?
I love getting after it. The world is so beautiful, and I want to interact with it. I like pushing myself in the outdoors, becoming exhausted, and then sleeping outside under a full moon.

What would you dare to accomplish if you knew success was the only possible outcome?
I am going to try to take a year off of work every decade of my life and live outside. I have no clue how this will come together, but I am pretty set on doing this! I have five years left in my twenties to make it happen…

What’s a goal you have for this coming year as an Ambassador?
really want to bring Shejumps to the Midwest! There are so many cool things to do in our region and I want to help connect midwestern women to this amazing area. We have the Great Lakes, the Boundary Waters, dunes, peninsulas, amazing breweries, great fruits and veggies, the North Country Trail, ten bazillion lakes and rivers, backcountry skiing, great XC mountain biking, surfing, SUPing, Pictured Rocks, and so much more!

What else is happening in your life?
I am a high school special education teacher, and I love my job. I am finishing my master’s degree in learning disabilities, and I plan to go back to school to get my doctorate in educational leadership. From there, I want to start an outdoor and environmentally focused school for at-risk girls.

I have two crazy dogs and a sweet parter. We have a big garden and try to live simply.

Come out and meet Laurel at our next event, or email here at!

Meet Intermountain Regional Coordinator Meaghan McKasy!

Hometown: Federal Way, WA
Current Town: Salt Lake City, UT

In your own words, what is the mission of SheJumps?
I believe that SheJumps gives women the opportunity to step out of their comfort zone and excel at the activities they already love, in a fun and supportive environment.

How does this resonate with you?
I cannot begin to describe the impact that SJ has had on my life in the last three years. Countless number of my friends are women I have met through SheJumps and they are not only brave and adventurous but also so incredibly intelligent and worldly. Through my connection with SJ I have tried so many things that I had never dreamed about and am a better person because of it.

Give an example of a “jump” you have taken?
I have never been a traditionally athletic girl. Basically any sport found in a PE class I was terrible at, yet I’ve always been a strong swimmer. For about a decade I was a competitive synchronized swimmer (sequined swim suits heck yes) and later took up water polo. My sophomore year of college I decided to try out for the swim team even though I’d never really “raced” before. After the try out the coach said I was on the edge and to check back. I basically stalked him for the next week until he said “Ugh fine, I have no reason not to take you.” That’s how I became a division one NCAA varsity athlete. I was not great and certainly didn’t make the ACC Championships travel team, but I am still so proud that I was persistent and accomplished something I never thought would happen.

What are your personal and athletic goals for this year?
I took up mountain biking two years ago and about a year ago I went over the handlebars and broke my arm. Shockingly in my 25 active years of life I’d never broken a bone and it was a real struggle, both physically and emotionally. This year a major goal of mine is to get back on that bike and be even better then I was before!