Sign Up For the SheJumps Whitewater Weekend!

West Coast Jumpers, we have an awesome event coming up September 6-8th in Coloma, California! Make sure you register for clinics, especially if you’re new to whitewater kayaking!!!

Join us for a weekend of whitewater instruction and progression on the South Fork of the American River! We will camp along the river at Camp Lotus for two nights and do runs varying from Class 2 to Class 3. Open to women of all experience levels.

Kayaking with the girls is FUN!

Kayaking with the girls is FUN!

Gear is available to borrow from California Canoe & Kayak. Bring a kayak, skirt, helmet, pfd, and paddle if you have it.

Scheduled activities include:

First Leap Clinic ($85/day), Saturday & Sunday. This class is for total beginners to the sport of whitewater kayaking. Students will learn how to exit the kayak safely, how to maneuver the kayak, and how to engage currents correctly in a Class 2 section of the South Fork American river.

Next Leap Clinic ($85/day), Saturday & Sunday. This class is for women that have taken a introductory whitewater class before and are ready to get back on the river and work on skills. The class will run a section of the South Fork American River from Marshall Gold State Park to Camp Lotus.

Creekboating Skills with pros Shannon Carroll and Katie Scott, Saturday ($75; open to Class III paddlers with a reliable roll). Learn the skills to step it up to the next level and get out on a California Creek next spring!

Playboating with pro Jessica Yurtinus ($75; open to Class III paddlers with a reliable roll), Saturday and Sunday. Saturday is a park and play clinic and Sunday as a Chile Bar play run!

Sign up for clincs here and make sure to choose the ones with SheJumps in front!!! They will fill up!

Other Scheduled Events:
Friday Social Hour: beer, wine and BYOdinner at Camp Lotus at 7pm to get aquainted and talk about the weekend.

Saturday Dinner: eat well, drink heartily and make some new paddling friends! Slideshow of kayak adventures by Shannon Carrol (Saturday evening, $10 recommended donation)

Yoga for Paddlers with Antoinette McLean, Sunday morning, 8 AM (free; open to all)

Group paddle on Chili Bar, Sunday, 9 AM Camp Lotus (free; open to Class III paddlers with a reliable roll)

After-Party at Marco’s, Sunday at 4pm: come eat, drink and be merry! And don’t miss out on some great raffle prizes! Sunday evening, open to all.

Camping at a SheJumps group camp at Camp Lotus both Friday and Saturday nights. $10/night.

To register for clinics, do so at CCK by going here. To register for the weekend, please email just so she can get a count! Otherwise, show up to hang out and paddle for the weekend!

We are excited to recognize California Canoe & Kayak, O.A.R.S. – Whitewater Rafting, Marco’s, and GoPro as partners for this event!


SheJumps Intermountain SUP Day!

Come join SheJumps ladies for an afternoon of stand up paddle boarding and fun at Jordanelle State Park. Take the board out, go for a swim, or just hang out on the shore! Is there a better way to spend a sunny Sunday?


Jordanelle State Park

(exit 8 off of Highway 40)

11am to 4pm

$20 Donation – proceeds benefit SheJumps

We would like to say a big thank you to RAMP Sports for the use of SUP boards!  Please note and be prepared that Jordanelle State Park does have an entrance fee of $10 per vehicle so SheJumps encourages carpooling.

For more information contact

SheFlows Burke Bike Park: The Girls Rocked The Trails!

BBP_wallrideSheJumps partnered with Kingdom Trails and Burke Bike Park (BBP) to host Get The Girls Out: SheFlows the Burke Bike Park–a Jump Into downhill mountain biking event on Saturday, August 17th. Six incredible female coaches and 20 SheJumpers, ranging in ages from 11-57, stormed the trails at Burke Bike Park to learn downhill mountain biking basics and improve their skills.

Burke Bike Park is the portion of Kingdom Trails on Burke Mountain accessed by ski lift. It was an incredible place to be introduced to downhill biking for those first-time downhill riders because the park offers excellent beginner trails, while also providing challenging terrain for those riders, who were looking to work on more advanced skills. Trails range from excavated rollers and berms to tight singletrack.

SheFlows started the day with a clinic to discuss and practice downhill fundamentals. Then, it was time to ride! Riders and coaches were able to warm up on easier trails and progress to more difficult terrain, while taking time to break down techniques for riding berms, hitting jumps, and tackling any series of tricky movements. There was no shortage of smiles, high fives and hoots filling the trails.

Several riders trying downhill for the first time, shared how great it was to finally ride with women, and to ride with women of so many ages. The Girls rocked Kingdom Trails’ Burke Bike Park!

Thanks for a great day Kingdom Trails and Burke Bike Park! A special thanks to the Kingdom Trails coaches and to Ben Haulenbeek for filming the entire day!

For more information about Kingdom Trails and Burke Bike Park, contact

For more information about SheJumps in the NorthEast Region, contact Autumn@shejumps.orgBBP_AmyJump BBP_liftpic BBP_youthSueClifford

SheJumps & Hero Kit: A Perfect Match

“I can’t wait to get a flat on the trail now!”

Heidi Koeman, who helped lead the clinic for Hero Kit, was awesome at teaching!

Heidi Koeman, who helped lead the clinic for Hero Kit, was awesome at teaching!


Hero Kit founder Jason Berv, created a bike repair product to empower riders through knowledge and tools. He says on the Hero Kit website, “I found myself stopping often to help people who had some mechanical difficulties with their bike.  They appreciated it, and it felt good to help.  A win-win, so I thought I could make a kit and instructions to empower riders to help themselves and help others, and pay it forward.” And that is exactly what happened last week in Crested Butte. 5 ladies showed up on a cold and rainy day in August to learn the basics of fixing the most common problems riders face on the trail. We were a small, brave group who huddled under the shelter in a local park with coats that Jason’s wife generously brought over for us.

Every woman walked away knowing how to fix a flat tire and a broken chain! Mission Accomplished!

Every woman walked away knowing how to fix a flat tire and a broken chain! Mission Accomplished!

Heidi Koeman and Andy Shabo of Better Rides, lead the clinic. They demonstrated how to fix a flat tire on bikes with both v-brakes and disc-brakes (it so happened that when I arrived I had a flat tire, which was a win for everyone – my tire got fixed and everyone learned). They also showed us how to fix a broken chain as well as going over all the different bike elements and answering our MANY questions. It felt like winter in the middle of August, so we quickly transitioned to hands-on learning to warm up. There is no faster way to learn something than to just do it. And then do it again. We all had the opportunity to fix a flat tire and chain, which was always something that intimidated many of us before.

Andy demonstrates basic bike maintenance.

Andy demonstrates basic bike maintenance.

Using the tools available in the Hero Kits, and following along with the instruction book (with pictures!) made it so simple. Five women showed up, and five women walked away empowered to help ourselves, and now others on the trail. The next day I ran into one of the participants and she was so excited, she said she couldn’t wait to get a flat on the trail! Mission accomplished.

So You’re Thinking About Attending An Event….

Perhaps you’ve seen a SheJumps event and you’re not sure about going. What are you waiting for? I’m constantly in awe of the ways SheJumps touches me everyday, but don’t just take it from me. Here is a recap of the recent SheJumps into Yoga event by first time participant, Alexa Flower. I sincerely hope that each of you has an opportunity to get out there. If there isn’t anything scheduled in your area, hit us up and we’ll do our best to make sure it happens! –Mel Harms

I’d learned about SheJumps over a year ago, but hadn’t yet had the pleasure of going to one of their events. However when Mel, the regional coordinator, invited me to a yoga retreat up Cameron Pass, I really wanted to make it happen. How cool would it be to spend a weekend in the beautiful mountains with several other passionate, outdoorsy ladies just like me?! And we get to practice yoga! I have practiced yoga on and off for a few years but recently had become too busy to make it a priority. This weekend would be a perfect opportunity for me to slow things down, regain my serenity, and become more in touch with my inner self. Plus, I would get to meet and make connections with other females who were into the same outdoor sports as me. Which I think we can all agree that sometimes that’s hard to find!

So next thing I know I’m headed over to Mel’s house to carpool up Cameron Pass to the beautiful Dancing Moose Yurt. I have to admit I was a little nervous. I didn’t know anyone and wasn’t sure if everyone was going to be good friends already and I’d be the odd one out. But I knew it was worth the shot because I was really excited to have an entire weekend focused on yoga and really wanted to meet more girls in the outdoor community.

The Yoga Retreat was everything I’d hoped for and more. I met so many passionate, fearless women from different walks of life who each had something special to add to our group. Whether it was mountain biking, skiing, rock climbing, or traveling all over the world, each of these women were living in their passion, which is so inspirational to me! That is something I seek to do each day of my life.

I also was able to connect with my inner self again, experience peace and tranquility, and live in the moment during each yoga practice. There was no technological distractions or talk of meaningless drama. It was an immersion into pure nature with pure thoughts and intentions. I never once felt out of place, nor anxious or uneasy. It was exactly the weekend I needed. And I can’t wait to do it again!

SheJumps is an amazing organization and I encourage all of you ladies, whether you are just getting to know the beauty of the outdoors or a veteran, to take advantage of these opportunities and help us all come together as a community.

– Alexa

Thanks Alexa so much for sharing!

Women’s Whitewater Weekend! Coloma, California

SheJumpers, we have an exciting event coming up in California on the South Fork of the American River! Whether you’re a seasoned kayaker or a complete river novice, this Women’s Whitewater Weekend will include daily clinics and group kayak runs, camping and meals, slideshows by professional female kayakers, and more! Put it on your calendar, join the Facebook event here, and check back for more information and registration info!

My Hero Kit is in my Pocket for Good

When I heard SheJumps was going to partner up with Hero Kits, I was psyched to try this sweet package of mountain bike tool goodies. I spend a lot of time on my mountain bike, and I am usually pretty fortunate when it comes to keeping my bike running. All that being said, I am always looking for ways to ensure I can keep riding my bike when I want to!

The hero kit came on a Friday, and the next morning the Kit got its first shot to prove itself. My partner, a friend, and I planned to mountain bike 65 miles in northern Michigan that Saturday. I knew that with that many people and that many bikes we would need the Hero Kit at some point.  Before we even started our ride, the Hero Kit came in handy. My boyfriend had forgotten his water bottle cage. We quickly used the multi-tool to remove one of my cages, and we put it onto his bike. Hero Kit – 1, Dehydration – 0.

Charles using the HeroKit for the first time. The kit came in handy before we were even on the trails!

Charles using the HeroKit for the first time. The kit came in handy before we were even on the trails!

From there, we rode 65 miles with no issues! Usually we can not ride 15 miles without issue, but this day was on our side!

We made it 65 miles on only needed the HeroKit once!

We made it 65 miles and only needed the HeroKit once!

Later that week, I was out on a training ride, and the multi-tool came in handy again. I used it to tighten my pedals. Hero Kit – 2, Unclipping too soon, crashing, hitting a tree – 0. I love how the multi-tool is super compact and easy to access. When my fingers are sweaty, I can still actually open up the tool and use it. I have put this multi-tool into my seat bag in place of my older multi-tool.


My favorite part of the HeroKit is definitely the compact and easy-to-use multi-tool.

In addition to a killer multi-tool, the Hero Kit has a number of awesome components. First, everything fits perfectly into a plastic pouch; it is pretty cool how everything fits together, and you can actually put everything back into the pouch. After a few rides and tosses in and out of my jersey pocket, the plastic started to rip, so I switched over to a really small stuff sack from an old down coat. I decided to take a few things out of the hero kit that I was not using, and this is working really well for me. I can easily stuff everything into my jersey pocket. I even used the kit during this past weekend. I still have the manual, the butt tissue, the duct tape, the zip ties, and the chain links. I think the wipes are a totally kick-butt idea. Duct tape is a essential and zip ties have become a great, lightweight addition to what I carry on longer trainings rides.

All in all, the hero kit is a great product. For people new to cycling, this kit is a great place to start when it comes to learning about bike maintenance. You can learn a ton from the small manual, and it empowers people to try to fix their bikes. In addition to this, newbies can feel confident knowing they have what they need to fix most issues on the road or trail. Not enough can be said about the importance of this fact alone. This kit is also good for people who are not organized or often forget something crucial on every ride. I am this person. Historically I have found myself out on a ride with everything I need to fix my chain except a chain tool. This kit allows me to think less about what I am bringing on each ride because I just toss everything into my back pocket.

I could have used the HeroKit on this Trike!

I could have used the HeroKit on this trike!

Whitewater Kayak Clinic – Anchorage, Alaska

This past Tuesday, 13 Alaskan women came together for a SheJumps Far North whitewater kayaking clinic. It turned out to be an extremely warm, gorgeous day! Who would have thought we’d be with a group of amazing women wearing bikini’s in a lake in Alaska rolling kayaks?!

AK Whitewater Kayak Clinic - 4

We started off the clinic by learning how to properly outfit yourselves into a kayak. From there we all got on the water and learned different paddle strokes, plus when to use them on the river. After paddling around the lake for a bit, we partnered up and learned how to hip-snap, the key element in rolling a kayak. Once we got use to this, we progressed into flipping up-side down in the kayak and hip snapping from there using our hands on our partners boat. From there came the roll.  There were 4 instructors (Meg Smith, Kelly Rinck, Liz Powers & Tracy Kulesa) there to get in the water and help each lady work through the steps of rolling. The clinic was a huge success, all of the ladies were really excited to have the opportunity to do this. Plus, they were able to take a jump and push themselves in a comfortable & safe environment to do something rather intimidating.

The clinic was put together and taught by kayak instructor and swiftwater rescue technician, Meg Smith (Far North Ambassador). Special thanks to Kelly Rinck, Liz Powers & Tracy Kulesa for helping out & the Nova Guides at the Six Mile Creek outpost, for letting us borrow their gear to outfit all these amazing ladies! The clinic was a huge success and we can not wait to jump on another one!

AK Whitewater Kayak Clinic - 2

Richmond Kayak Fitness Class

You read correctly – SheJumps is officially up and running in the Southeast!  We’ll be hosting our inaugural Get the Girls Out event in Virginia on August 31st at 10:00 AM.  Join us on the James for an intro to kayaking + kayak fitness class.  A huge thanks to KAYAKrichmond – they have taken the jump with us in becoming our region’s first event partner.  I’m stoked to get out on the water with them and am already digging their positive energy – KAYAKrichmond owner, Spence, sums up the goal perfectly: “Our goal is that everyone is smiling!”

We have a discounted class rate of $15 and are asking for $10 donations to SheJumps.  The event is limited to 12 spots, so please reach out to me at to reserve one today!

SheJumps & Hero Kits Bike Maintenance Clinic at Crested Butte!

Who says you’re not a bike mechanic? Common issues on the trail can make a great ride stressful. Jump on the trail and learn how to fix those problems just like you would on a ride! Join other ladies from the Crested Butte area for a fun filled and informational bike maintenance clinic on August 8, 2013 at 5:00 pm. For more information contact

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