Get the Girls Out Mt Bachelor, Spring ’13 Recap!

“This weather is so bad, if I weren’t having so much fun I would have left hours ago!” If there was a theme for the Spring ‘13 Get the Girls Out Mt Bachelor, this would be it!

The forecast looked amazing: sunny, with warm temperatures to soften the snow for excellent shredding conditions.

Walking up to our meeting place in the morning, I was wiping the moisture off my sunny-day goggles, looking up at the black cloud parked directly over Mt. Bachelor, and thinking, “I really hope this burns off!”

About 20 girls met up at the bottom of the Pine Marten lift, with high spirits, colorful outfits, and huge smiles! I quickly realized that in good weather or bad, these girls were here to have a good time.

13She_Jumps_Spring_Zjones-9359 copy-L

We started the day by introducing ourselves and naming our favorite place to ski on Mt Bachelor:



“The cone!”

“The trees off Northwest!”

“The backside!”

“I don’t know, I’ve never skied here before!”

13She_Jumps_Spring_Zjones-9542 copy-L

With most of the mountain closed due to weather, we skied the terrain accessed from the Pine Marten and Skyliner lifts. The moderate terrain and limited visibility meant that our group could stick together really easily, even though there were different abilities and interests. What a great way to get to know each other!

13She_Jumps_Spring_Zjones-9427 copy-L 13She_Jumps_Spring_Zjones-9566 copy-L 13She_Jumps_Spring_Zjones-9569 copy-L

By about 11:30, we were all soaked and ready to dry out. We headed to the Clearing Rock Bar at the West Village Lodge and grabbed some tables in front of their giant fireplace. That was our opportunity to share the SheJumps mission of increasing female participation in outdoor activities. We gave away Vapur Shades Anti-Bottles (pre-filled!), delicious bars from Kate’s Real Food, and some women’s specific ski packs from Camelbak! The ladies were psyched.

13She_Jumps_Spring_Zjones-9609 copy-L 13She_Jumps_Spring_Zjones-9645 copy-L 13She_Jumps_Spring_Zjones-9685 copy-L

After lunch, a handful of us rallied for a few more laps. That’s when the rain really started coming down, and things started getting silly!

13She_Jumps_Spring_Zjones-9757 copy-L 13She_Jumps_Spring_Zjones-9777 copy-L

Eventually, we did decide to call it a day a little earlier than planned. We were some of the last people on the entire mountain! There is no doubt that the lifties thought we were all a little crazy for skiing that long in the rain.

We all met back up in the warm sunshine in downtown Bend at Crow’s Feet Commons. Our friends at Dump City Dumplings brought their food cart so we wouldn’t starve after our epic day of skiing in the rain! It was a great ending to a very memorable day.

13She_Jumps_Spring_Zjones-0115 copy-L 13She_Jumps_Spring_Zjones-0169 copy-L

 Looking forward to doing this again next season!

Lindsey : )


LymeLight is a Lyme Disease awareness film that serves as an inspirational story for those who have fought to overcome chronic illness and physical setbacks. It delivers a powerful message of the importance of living a healthy, active lifestyle on a daily basis.

Angeli VanLaanen is one of the top female freeskiers in the world and a well-rounded athlete with expertise in all areas of her sport. She has been featured on the cover of Skiing Magazine and in renowned skiing publications such as Powder Magazine and Freeskier Magazine. Angeli has also competed in high level halfpipe events such as the X-Games and Dew Tour.

LymeLight is a 30 minute documentary film based on Angeli VanLaanen’s battle with Lyme Disease. Angeli, now 27 years old, started showing Lyme symptoms at the tender age of 10. After developing a chronic sinus infection, fainting spells, dyslexia and fatigue, Angeli faced over a decade of misdiagnoses. Through the years, her symptoms fluctuated and progressed into a debilitating chronic illness. In the summer of 2009 VanLaanen was sleeping for multiple days at a time and experiencing crippling body pain. Lyme Disease is a bacterial infection spread by the bite of an infected Black Legged Tick (commonly known as a Deer Tick). Many children and adults cannot recall a bite because young Deer Ticks can be as small as a poppyseed. If caught promptly, Lyme Disease can be treated in a matter of weeks. Angeli’s story of misdiagnosis is all too common due to the lack of knowledge in our society and in the medical community. After her diagnosis in November 2009, VanLaanen was forced to put her competitive halfpipe career on hold at the peak of her career. “It’s the lowest I’ve ever felt,” Angeli says. “With no guarantee that treatment would relieve my symptoms, I had very little to hold on to.” Motivated by her struggle, Angeli linked up with Director John Roderick of Neu Productions in November of 2011 to make an awareness piece sharing a raw account of her experience. “Our goal with LymeLight is to educate people about Lyme Disease, where it comes from, what the symptoms are and the challenges people face reclaiming their health,” says Roderick. Neu Productions is a diverse action sports and adventure production company based in Breckenridge, Colorado, producing powerful digital content.

After taking 3 years off from halfpipe for Lyme treatment, Angeli returned to competition and placed 6th at the FIS World Championships and is ranked 9th in the world on the AFP points list for the 2012-2013 season. Halfpipe skiing was recently added to the list of events to premier at the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia 2014. VanLaanen’s dream of becoming an Olympian is possible now that she is symptom free and in remission. After the Olympics next year, Angeli plans to tour LymeLight in schools around the country as a part of an awareness program she has created. “When I was young I just flicked ticks off of me.” Angeli recalls “I didn’t know to tell my mom or doctor.” With the help of the LymeLight Foundation, a nonprofit VanLaanen is a spokesperson for, she will educate kids about Lyme Disease prevention and overcoming hard times.

Angeli VanLaanen:
Neu Productions:
LymeLight Kickstarter:
LymeLight Trailer:
LymeLight Foundation:

LymeLight Contact:

SheJumps to Host Yoga Event

Fort Collins, COLORADO – SheJumps, a 501c(3) nonprofit organization with a mission to increase the participation of females in outdoor activities, is proud to announce the first annual Jump Into Yoga event July 12 – 14  at the Never Summer Nordic Yurts in the Colorado State Forest State Park. Located two miles west of Gould on Colorado Highway 14, Jump Into Yoga is an all-women’s introductory yoga course designed to help women develop and build their own yoga practice.

Another driving force in the creation of the event is to create the opportunity to connect with phenomenal women tied together by a common passion that encourages participants to ask, “What would you dare to accomplish if you knew success was the only possible outcome?”

The course is taught by Erin Walton, a yoga teacher at Yoga Luna and writer for the Yoga Connection. According to Melissa Harms, SheJumps Regional Coordinator for the Rockies, “The Yoga Retreat has become a collaboration of community support for women to get to know themselves and others in a healthy and meaningful way. The goal is to provide an affordable and sustainable opportunity for personal and community growth. It’s going to be amazing.”

Local sponsors for the event are Jen-ai, REI, Noosa, and Yoga Luna. The cost of the course is $100 and includes two nights of lodging with food as well as a gift bag from SheJumps. This cost does not include travel to or from the Never Summer Nordic Yurt, although carpooling is encouraged.

For more information or to reserve a spot, please email or go

 Spaces are limited.

Get the Girls Out Mt Bachelor, Winter ’13 Recap!

Giggles and smiles and bright colors everywhere… the girls were out in full force for our first ever Get the Girls Out Mt Bachelor!

12SheJumpsZjones-9016 copy-L

What is it about shredding around on snow with a crew of ladies all day that makes you feel so amazing? It is incredible how fun, silly, motivational, and inspiring a day out skiing with a group of women can be!

We had ladies travel to Mt. Bachelor from all over the west: Washington, Idaho, Nevada, California, and of course from all over Oregon. It is pretty unusual to ski with a group of ladies, so it was worth the travel effort to enjoy this special day!

12SheJumpsZjones-8474 copy-L

We met about 35 ladies at the bottom of Pine Marten in the morning, and started our day by fanning out all over the front of the mountain. It was awesome to watch a ton of brightly-colored ants spread out and fly down! By the second run, we were already split up. It’s crazy how fast that will happen!

12SheJumpsZjones-1103 copy-L

Some ladies hit the terrain parks off Skyliner, some explored the trees off Northwest, and a crew of about 15 of us rode the Summit chair and hiked to the top of the mountain for great views and some good, old-fashioned hunting for windblown pockets of snow!

12SheJumpsZjones-0960 copy-L

untitled-9344 copy-L

It took some hiking, some traversing, and some rime skiing, but we definitely found what we were looking for in the gullies above Pine Marten and Northwest: smooth pockets of fluffy snow! We were psyched.

untitled-9407 copy-L

We all met back up for lunch with even more ladies who had missed us in the morning. Our special guest Meghan Kelly — regional coordinator for SheJumps in California —  introduced the organization by sharing her personal experiences with SheJumps including making new friends, and finding other women to help her learn new outdoor skills. We also talked about ideas for future SheJumps events and what a central Oregon chapter could be all about.

untitled-9150 copy-L

untitled-9466 copy-L

In the afternoon, we rode the Summit chair again and dropped off the backside for some afternoon corn turns in the sunshine. We enjoyed gullies, trees, playing around on the wall of voodoo, and of course jumping! We wrapped up the day with a classic 4 PM cone hike. We dropped in to inner cone, made some great turns in soft snow, and even found freshies in the parking lot glade!

12SheJumpsZjones-1594 copy-L

untitled-9673 copy-L

With all the out-of-towners coming to visit, it was important to let Mt. Bachelor’s best features shine: lots of awesome skiing on all aspects, 360 degrees off the summit, on a beautiful and sunny day! The cone hike was just icing on the cake : )

untitled-9736 copy-L

12SheJumpsZjones-1454 copy-L

We headed back down the hill to downtown Bend, where our friends at Crow’s Feet Commons hosted our après ski party! We all had a great time reliving all the action from the day, exchanging phone numbers, and planning future days together on the snow!

12Shejumps_Zjones-9807 copy-L

12Shejumps_Zjones-9869 copy-L

Thanks so much to everyone who came out and made it a day to remember!

untitled-9713 copy-L



Get the Girls Out Mt Bachelor, Spring 13!

We are excited to announce a second Get the Girls Out event at Mt Bachelor! Mark your calendars, invite your friends: we will be on the mountain on Sunday, April 21st!

Meet at the bottom of Pine Marten at 10 AM. We will get a posse of female skiers and riders together for a day of shredding and smiles! Ride with your friends and make new ones!

Schedule for the day:
9:15 – 9:45 AM: Pre-registered lift ticket pickup (we have a few discounted lift tickets available, email for more info)
10 AM: Meet at the bottom of the Pine Marten lift
1 – 2 PM: Regroup and meet for lunch at Spark’s Cafe, upstairs at the Pine Marten (mid-mountain) lodge where we will be raffling off swag!
5 PM: Apres ski party in downtown Bend at Crow’s Feet Commons, guy friends welcome! Dump City Dumplings will be parked out front, serving up delicious snacks!

Here’s a video to inspire you:
And a recap from our last event:

We will have a photographer on hand to document all the radness! We will have lots of awesome giveaways, including delicious bars from Kate’s Real Food, Anti-Bottles from Vapur, and women’s-specific ski packs from Camelbak! Don’t miss out!

We have a few lift tickets available with your charitable donation to SheJumps. Please contact Lindsey at for more information.

Huge thanks to Mt. Bachelor and SheJumps for helping to make this event happen!

We are requesting a $5 suggested donation to support SheJumps and future central Oregon events. Thanks for your support!

For more information or questions, contact:
Lindsey Clark at 541.420.6372,
Elena Pressprich at 541.306.1624,

Isis presents the SheJumps Ambassadors!

Paging all rockstars, local heros, wild womenmovers and shakers!

Ladies, we want YOU!

SheJumps is seeking gals across the nation to apply to become our regional Ambassadors. 

We are looking for ladies who walk the walk and talk the talk. If you have your finger to the wind and your ear to the ground and can help us carry out the SheJumps mission in your area, we want you! 

What’s the skinny?

This will be a time commitment that you should take seriously. But, thankfully, it shouldn’t require you to do much that you don’t already do. What we need is for you to continue being your awesome self and exemplify the values of our organization. As a SheJumps Isis Ambassador, you report to, and support your Regional Coordinator. Together you’ll work to facilitate local event programming and achieve regional fundraising targets by coordinating and hosting events that you think your community could benefit from. You’ll be outfitted in really cool gear from Isis and so once a month you’ll be expected to contribute a brief review of one of their products and submit corresponding pictures of Isis-clad you in action (shouldn’t be too hard because we know you’re always out and about)!

Sounds pretty rad right?

Well, if this sounds like it might be your jam, then click here and fill out our application!
We’ll choose two Ambassadors per region for a one year-term. Together with Isis, we’ll help you shine in your community, giving back and help to spread the SheJumps mission of getting women active in the outdoors.

Shine on!