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Hot Wheels and Hero’s

There are 20 new (s)Hero’s on wheels in the Pioneer Valley in Massachusetts thanks to HeroKits and the fantastic bike mechanics Liz Budd and Sean Condon of Speed and Sprocket Bicycle Works. On July 16th SheJumps took over Energia Studios in Hadley, MA for an evening of pumps, levers, smiles and brews. As a female… Read more »

HeroKit Fix-a-flat Clinic

Join us for a fun night of learning with Hero Kit and the expert mechanics of Speed and Sprocket Cycle Works at Energia Fitness to learn the ins and outs of your bike. If you want to have the skills AND the tools to fix a flat, this night is for you! Not only will you… Read more »

Partner Profile: Hero Kit

SheJumps is a community of gals ‘on the go.’ Whether in town, squeezing in a workout after work, or pushing our boundaries in the mountains, we’re moving and shaking. We play hard and appreciate when companies have our back, helping us to be safe, independent, adventurers. This is where HERO KIT comes in.HERO KIT, a… Read more »

Outdoor Education

Our Outdoor Education programs are all about empowerment. It’s through these clinics and courses that we aim to provide a safe and fun learning environment to enable the transfer of knowledge, technical skills, inspiration, and excitement. In becoming a more knowledgeable and capable outdoors-woman you can go more confidently into your adventures – and how can… Read more »

Hero Kit’s Road Bike Field Repair Kit: Ready To Ride

Jumping into bike touring is challenging and exciting. I remember mapping out a single-day route of 100+ miles, and worrying about the scenario of a broken bike in the middle of nowhere. Having a solid repair kit in your pannier is crucial. Combined with a small pump and extra tube, Hero Kit’s Road Bike Field Repair Kit provides what you would… Read more »

Cyclocross Clinic Rocked Through the Night!

Ok, so we may have overlooked a minor detail when we planned this one – a little thing called Daylight Savings Time! We wanted to have it when participants would be out of work, so 5:00 seemed like a great idea when we planned this a month in advance! But what else are you going… Read more »

Hero Kit Road Bike Clinic + Trek Road Ride!

We’ve got a power-packed peloton! Join our partners, Hero Kit, Kate’s Real Food, Vapur, and Trek Portsmouth for the NorthEast Hero Kit road bike maintenance clinic and the Trek Breast Cancer Research road ride! We are holding the Hero Kit clinic in conjunction with Trek’s annual Breast Cancer ride. The clinic will start at 9:45… Read more »

Isis Ambassador Carisa Barnett Reviews the Hero Kit

My new Hero Kit could not have arrived at a better time—the first time I pulled out my mountain bike for a ride after receiving it I realized I had an entirely flat tire! As a girl who spends a lot of time riding with the boys, I have always had ( aka needed) a helpful man there… Read more »

SheJumps & Hero Kit: A Perfect Match

“I can’t wait to get a flat on the trail now!”   Hero Kit founder Jason Berv, created a bike repair product to empower riders through knowledge and tools. He says on the Hero Kit website, “I found myself stopping often to help people who had some mechanical difficulties with their bike.  They appreciated it,… Read more »

My Hero Kit is in my Pocket for Good

When I heard SheJumps was going to partner up with Hero Kits, I was psyched to try this sweet package of mountain bike tool goodies. I spend a lot of time on my mountain bike, and I am usually pretty fortunate when it comes to keeping my bike running. All that being said, I am… Read more »