Board of Directors

Kristina Ciari


A Montana native living in Seattle, Kristina's passion for writing and adventure is flexed daily at a nonprofit connecting people to the power of wild places. Kristina spends her weekends chasing snow in the pursuit of Turns All Year, a ridiculous endeavor to ski at least one day every month (she’s at 90-something months). She’s also learning how to mountain bike.

Wendi Siebold


Wendi has been honored to serve on the SheJumps Board since 2016 and brings program planning and evaluation experience to the table. She is a life long skier, snowboarder, backpacker and former semi-professional soccer goalkeeper. She was raised in California and now enjoys living among the outdoor spoils of Juneau, Alaska.

Kirsten Duke


Kirsten currently serves as the chair of the SheJumps Board of Directors. Kirsten, a CFO of a cybersecurity and threat intelligence company in Seattle and mother of three adventurous young girls loves pushing herself outside her comfort zone in the outdoors. When not working, you can find Kirsten either in the mountains or adventuring on the water with her family.

Connie Marshall


Living in Utah, just finished an amazing career with Alta Ski Area spanning 44 years. Passions include food, wine, family, skiing, walking, swimming. Always mindful that there is space for all of us in this life.

Kellie Okonek


Raised on the slopes of the Cascades, Kellie now lives in Girdwood, AK and lives an Alaska life - skiing, bush flying, kiting, mountain biking, wilderness adventuring, and appreciating the grandeur of Alaska. She also has a knack for travel and loves exploring around the world, connecting with people wherever she goes and constantly expanding her world view.

Georgina Miranda


Georgina is a long time supporter of She Jumps. She is a social entrepreneur, mountain athlete, adventurer, public speaker, coach, writer, consultant, and activist. She is currently the founder and Chief Visionary Officer at She Ventures with a personal mission to accelerate gender equality and the well-being of women around the world. She’s an avid mountaineer, having scaled some of the world’s highest peaks including Mt. Everest. She is also a yogi, reiki practitioner, world traveler, and treasures any chance she gets to spend in nature. Originally a California girl, she now takes her work around the world. Adventure changed her life, and knows it can transform the lives of other women and girls as well. She’s in the process of completing the Explorer Grand Slam to raise awareness around gender-based violence and climate change.

Andria Huskinson


Hi. I’m Andria Huskinson. I’m excited to join the board at She Jumps. I’ve known the founders and organization from the beginning. I was one of the women who climbed the Grand Teton as the inaugural She Jumps event. Yes, I hola hooped on top of the Grand. I’ve participated in many activities at Alta Ski Area over the years and love the program and what they do. I grew up in Idaho on a potato farm. I learned to ski at Grand Targhee with my parents, who both taught ski school at Targhee. I love to ski powder, off the trail, and love to ski in general — all of my family skis, nieces, nephews, brother, sisters, and grandparents. I come from a true ski bum family. I moved to Utah for college and skied Alta with my sister on weekends because our mom grew up skiing Alta, and it was only $20 for a half-day. I fell in love with steeper terrain, the powder skiing in trees, and the community at Alta, which I have never left. I met Connie Marshall, my freshman year of college, and thought it would be awesome to work at a ski area and went into PR. I worked with Connie at Alta for eight years before she retired and took over all her PR responsibilities when she retired. I learned from a legend. I’m grateful to continue her legacy at Alta and in the ski industry. I have experience being an event director. I have put on several events and a 200-mile relay race event. I met the three founders of She Jumps in my early days competing on the big mountain circuit in America and the World Tour. I’m delighted to work with She Jumps as a board member and further, the cause and mission of She Jump as an organization.


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