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A Match Made on Rainier: A SheJumps Community Story

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

Siri Carlson and Kim Lowe were two eager, ambitious, and Girafficorn-happy members of the 2018 SheJumps Rainier climb. Being an outdoor enthusiast and novice mountaineer, Siri saw this all women’s climb an opportunity she just had to, well, jump on. As an avid outdoor adventurer and mom of two young girls, Kim joined the climb since the SheJumps mission hits close to home. 

After signing up, the women did what all good, new, internet acquaintances do...they became Facebook friends. The team had a group Facebook page where they could discuss training, gear, and questions about the climb. Through the page, Siri and Kim agreed on a training climb—Mt St. Helens. They met as complete strangers at a Park-n-Ride south of Seattle late one Friday night. It was the last day to do Helens before permits were required and the weather looked to be cooperating, this once. Both women were mixed with emotions of excitement for adventure and apprehension around stranger danger. Little did they know, that first climb would be the first of many more and the beginning of a deeply heartfelt friendship.

The two women are unlikely adventure buddies with a 12-year age difference between them and vastly different taste in music. However, they share the same passion for outdoor adventure, fitness, and philanthropy. Both joined the charity climb with basic mountaineering skills and assumed Rainier would be the pinnacle of the commitment. As it turns out, Rainer was just the stepping stone to something bigger: a friendship that has grown and solidified over dozens of training hikes, numerous summits of other Washington mountains, many nights camping in the cold, hundreds of miles chatting in the car, and hours spent at the yoga studio perfecting their somewhat downward facing dogs. Siri keeps their adventures light and funny while Kim keeps them on a tight schedule so she can get home to her girls on time. Together they exemplify how following your passion can lead to brilliant and unexpected treasures. 

The SheJumps Rainier climb of 2018 has not only accomplished goal of getting women in the outdoors and raising money for Wild Skills but it has given these two a deep connection, a friendship, and a shared desire to continue building a community where other women can do the same.

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