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A Pretty Faces Sun Valley Success!

Seemingly just another slack Saturday in Sun Valley Idaho, a brisk hint of winter in the air, October 4 brought with it the high hopes of a great season to come. A perfect compliment to such glorious day dreams of the power to come, and hot off the heels of a smashing world debut in CO, the sold out Pretty Faces premier and Winter Kick Off Party at Sturtevant’s on Main Street took our town by storm.

With great prizes from K2, Smith Optics, and new Unicorn Picnic swag (to mention only a few!) the raffle was well stocked, and was followed by a local star-studded fashion show to kick of the event in true Sun Valley style. The air of excitement spread as free beers were held high in joyous cheers and local Mexican eatery KB’s served up hefty portions of tacos and burritos.

Lynsey Dyer and Claire Smallwood stepped onto the stage to introduce the main event, while McKenna Peterson took over signing autographs and selling shirts to excited fans. Rachael Burks was pouring beer like a pro with a grin from ear to ear, as fires were lit. The excited crowd hushed, the lights dimmed, and the ladies started to shred it up on the silver screen.

A roar of applause and a wave of winter joy flooded the crowd as the credits rolled. After the excited chatter and general reveling started to wind down and the taps started to run dry, the crowd migrated to the local watering holes. Excited for a new season and riding high on serious snow stoke, the event went in the books as a SheJumps Success!

Photo credit: Lynsey Dyer

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