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C4 Belts Launches New Non-Profit Collaboration with SheJumps!

Written by: Anna Bernard

Individuality, impact and, style are three things that C4 Belts and SheJumps have in common. Whether is the style you carry down the slopes or the way you dress in the morning, style isn’t something that either of these teams lack. C4 Belts is dedicated to making their customers look good on the outside while feeling good on the inside, with their creative business dedicated to helping the greater good. C4 Belts began 25 years ago between the minds of four adventurers, and is devoted to helping non-profits and charities each year.

C4 stands for “choose your color, choose your cause,” and with each purchase, $1 is donated to a charity of the customer’s choice. The company has a wide range of options that ensure innovative and lasting belts.


As if C4 Belts wasn’t already benevolent enough, they’ve partnered with SheJumps for the month of July. The brand has created an entire line with SheJumps designs and any time a belt from that line is purchased, C4 Belts will donate $10 the SheJumps. Looking for a different design but still want to contribute? C4 Belts is now giving the option to choose SheJumps as the cause and instead of C4 Belts donating $1, they will triple the donation to $3 for any belt purchased. Just remember to enter C4SHEJUMPS at checkout!

“The reason we selected SheJumps as a cause partner, is their dedication to inspiring, educating and empowering women and girls in outdoor activities all across the U.S.,” said Kelly McCoy. “Our customers are international and we have a strong following in the winter sports and equestrian communities. SheJumps is a great fit with C4 Belts.”

C4 Belts makes donation easy, creative and fun by giving customers and owners the option to send SheJumps donation with a simple hashtag. By simply posting a picture in a C4 Belt to Facebook or Instagram and using the hashtag, #C4SHEJUMPS, C4 Belts will contribute $1 to SheJumps. Donating has never been so simple and refreshing.


C4 Belts’ strives for transparency, and our partnership shows customers what impact their donation will have. Below are just a few examples of how each dollar can help increase female participation in the outdoors with SheJumps:

– $5 can provide a portion of the registration fee for the “Get the Girls Out” program. – $10 is enough to provide supplies like ski wax and work books for the Youth Initiative and Outdoor Education programs. – $25 is enough to cover the cost of a half day program to one Girl under the age of 16. – $50 can provide a day of outdoor education the Wild Skills event for one Girl under the age of 16. – $70 is enough to provide safety training of 3 Wild Skills event volunteers. – $100 is enough to provide insurance for the outdoor programs for 10 participants.

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