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Casting & Cocktails Event a Success!!

On a recent July evening, sixteen ladies from the greater Teton area came together in Jackson, Wyoming to learn the basics of fly fishing and enjoy each other’s company at our SheJumps Casting and Cocktails Clinic. This traveling event began at Davey Jackson Field, just a few blocks away from the heart of downtown Jackson, where our incredible event partners, JD High Country Outfitters, led ladies through the art of casting a fly rod and the intricacies of entomology. Indeed, participants were given very individualized attention as they picked up a rod and practiced their cast, assuring that every participant of the diverse group learned something, no matter what their skill level. And what a diverse group of ladies it was! Fom those who were picking up a rod for the first time, to those who had a bit of experience in the sport, to those who had been avidly fly fishing for many years, all received feedback specific to their personal cast and those who were more advanced were able to ask specific questions and pick up technical casting techniques!

Ladies letting their lines fly!

Ladies letting their lines fly!

Further, while the casting lesson was immensely valuable for each lady, the entomology session was unbelievably informative and interesting—who would have known that a group of ladies could be so fascinated by bugs?!? JD High Country Outfitters’ Maggie Jordan, a devout student of entomology, delivered a fascinating lesson that provided participants with an insight into insect life cycles within area streams and rivers and the relation of these cycles to the fish in those bodies of water. Further, she brought her terrific personal collection of insects to illustrate her points, as well as some live samples! A truly fascinating and truly impressive aspect of the evening.

Entemology expert Maggie Jordan utilizes live samples to really bring an understanding of insects to life!

Entomology expert Maggie Jordan utilizes live samples to really bring an understanding of insects to life!

Following the casting and entomology session at the park, we then moved the event to JD High Country Outfitters’ location on the Town Square, where we tried an array of specialty cocktails inspired and provided by the Perfect Puree of Napa Valley as well as some light snacks. Participants were given an opportunity to mingle with each other and make some new connections, as well as open their awesome gift bags from JD High Country Outfitters, which included a fly that led them on a scavenger hunt that required them to properly identify the fly for yet another prize—a Lilypond bag for each participant! Additionally, ladies were able to discuss knot-tying basics during this time and we also had our own exclusive breakdown of Patagonia’s fishing gear for ladies by the regional Patagonia rep!

Altogether, this was a great event. Not only was it really fun, but it brought an array of women who call the Tetons home together in a learning environment that allowed them to feel comfortable, safe and empowered in expanding their fly fishing knowledge, a sport typically dominated by males. It provided a welcome break to relax, laugh and connect during the midst of the busy summer season. It was fun, it was informative, and it would not have been possible without JD High Country Outfitters, who put an incredible amount of work and donation of time and resources into the event! So a huge thank you to JD High Country Outfitters, as well as the Perfect Puree of Napa Valley! And of course, thank you to all the lovely ladies who joined us for the evening—we look forward to seeing you, and all the other SheJumpers in our corner of the world, at our next event!!

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