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Cyclocross Clinic Rocked Through the Night!

Ok, so we may have overlooked a minor detail when we planned this one – a little thing called Daylight Savings Time! We wanted to have it when participants would be out of work, so 5:00 seemed like a great idea when we planned this a month in advance! But what else are you going to do, but ROLL with it? The sunset wouldn’t stop us from getting on bikes, learning something new and meeting other incredible women in the valley! So we sparked up a bon fire, turned on the flood lights at the venue, and dove into the joys of Cyclocross!

Eryn teaches us how to mount our bikes while in motion and pick up our bikes to run over obstacles.

Eryn teaches us how to mount our bikes while in motion and pick up our bikes to run over obstacles.

Eryn Barker and Amy Beisel (with a broken wrist!) split us up and taught each group different and very important aspects of what it’s like to race. Eryn showed us how to mount, dismount and run with our bikes over obstacles. With a few timely steps while pushing your bike, you throw a leg over and take off only to gracefully swing that same leg back over while rolling to pick up your bike, throw it over your shoulder, jump over a log and start again! It was exhilarating and an awesome workout! She showed us how much fun goes into an actual cyclocross race. Amy was in charge of cornering, so we got on our bikes and took tight corners around cones, faster and faster, learning how to look ahead, and to own our confidence on a bike.


Amy leads the group around cones to practices tight corners, going faster and faster each round.

The night wrapped up with prizes from Hero Kit, Rock N’ Roll Sports and Bean’s Bicycle Works with Marios’s Pizza and ice cold New Belgium beer while Liz Sampey from Heights Performance showed us some awesome stretches to prevent injuries before hopping on a bike. It was a great evening that just went to show how much fun bicycles are – even in the dark! 


“This sport is extraordinarily stupid. For some reason, therein lies the appeal of cyclocross. There is NO POINT, other than to ride a bike meant for the road, over a series of obstacles meant for a mountain bike.” Eryn Barker, Cyclocross Enthusiast and Teacher
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