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Get the Girls Out Mt Bachelor, Spring ’13 Recap!

“This weather is so bad, if I weren’t having so much fun I would have left hours ago!” If there was a theme for the Spring ‘13 Get the Girls Out Mt Bachelor, this would be it!

The forecast looked amazing: sunny, with warm temperatures to soften the snow for excellent shredding conditions.

Walking up to our meeting place in the morning, I was wiping the moisture off my sunny-day goggles, looking up at the black cloud parked directly over Mt. Bachelor, and thinking, “I really hope this burns off!”

About 20 girls met up at the bottom of the Pine Marten lift, with high spirits, colorful outfits, and huge smiles! I quickly realized that in good weather or bad, these girls were here to have a good time.

13She_Jumps_Spring_Zjones-9359 copy-L

We started the day by introducing ourselves and naming our favorite place to ski on Mt Bachelor:



“The cone!”

“The trees off Northwest!”

“The backside!”

“I don’t know, I’ve never skied here before!”

13She_Jumps_Spring_Zjones-9542 copy-L

With most of the mountain closed due to weather, we skied the terrain accessed from the Pine Marten and Skyliner lifts. The moderate terrain and limited visibility meant that our group could stick together really easily, even though there were different abilities and interests. What a great way to get to know each other!

13She_Jumps_Spring_Zjones-9569 copy-L

By about 11:30, we were all soaked and ready to dry out. We headed to the Clearing Rock Bar at the West Village Lodge and grabbed some tables in front of their giant fireplace. That was our opportunity to share the SheJumps mission of increasing female participation in outdoor activities. We gave away Vapur Shades Anti-Bottles (pre-filled!), delicious bars from Kate’s Real Food, and some women’s specific ski packs from Camelbak! The ladies were psyched.

13She_Jumps_Spring_Zjones-9685 copy-L

After lunch, a handful of us rallied for a few more laps. That’s when the rain really started coming down, and things started getting silly!

13She_Jumps_Spring_Zjones-9777 copy-L

Eventually, we did decide to call it a day a little earlier than planned. We were some of the last people on the entire mountain! There is no doubt that the lifties thought we were all a little crazy for skiing that long in the rain.

We all met back up in the warm sunshine in downtown Bend at Crow’s Feet Commons. Our friends at Dump City Dumplings brought their food cart so we wouldn’t starve after our epic day of skiing in the rain! It was a great ending to a very memorable day.

13She_Jumps_Spring_Zjones-0169 copy-L

 Looking forward to doing this again next season!

Lindsey : )

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