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Get the Girls Out Stevens Pass – Recap

What a great Get the Girls Out at Stevens Pass!  Thanks to all the ladies who came out January 24, 2015, despite the damp conditions.  It was a day full of smiles!  We had all abilities and all ages which made it even more fun and ladies drove for hours just to participate.  With the help and coaching of Meaghann Gaffney, some of the ladies can now ride the Park safely and start to shred it on their own.

Mother-daughter day!

Thanks to the ladies on Stevens Pro Patrol for leading the avy dog demo and burying a few ladies in the dog holes.  So awesome to see the dogs at work with their handlers who help keep us safe and see what they do to train the pups and keep them sharp.  And it’s always good to get a refresher on the old beacon or learn to use one for the very first time.  Snow safety is important at any age, wherever you are on the mountain.

She’s ready!

We got the girls out and had a blast.  Ladies exchanged phone numbers and plan to meet up again soon for some of our other events in Washington.

Getting the shot.

We took over a few tables…

As always, the volunteers and sponsors ROCKED and really helped this event be AWESOME.  Thanks to everyone who came out to help, jump, dance, ski, whatever and thanks Little Red Wagon Coffee for the swag.  Big thanks to Stevens, K2 Ski Alliance and SNOCRU for the raffle donations!  There are some happy ladies today.

Thanks Snocru for coming out and hooking us up!

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