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Giterdun like Allison Seymour

Many dream of acquiring the backcountry skills and knowledge as Allison Seymour quietly exudes.  Even more envy the days she spend ripping around destroying powder.  Do not be fooled, she earns her turns on and off the mountain.  (She’s also a stud mountain biker.)   This year Allison has stepped up to help SheJumps in the roll of Rockies Region Ambassador. We are lucky to have her and proud to call her one of our own. Oh yeah, and today is her birthday!  Happy Birthday Allison!– Mel Harms, Rockies Region Co-Coordinator

Written by Allison Seymour:

Now that I’ve reached my mid-40s, I can finally say that I’m a ski bum—well, sort of.

Adventure and challenge has driven me for most of my life, but a recent change in my professional focus has given me a real purpose and commitment to creating the life that I desire. Pushing myself to new levels, getting out of my comfort zone, and discovering what I am capable of—that’s what keeps me going in the mountains, and that’s what will allow me to find success in my goals.

Fritz and Allison

A little over two years ago I started dating guidebook author, Fritz Sperry. We met on the night of the official release of his first guidebook, Making Turns in the Tenmile-Mosquito Range (Giterdun Publishing, 2012), and were soon getting out on new adventures together in the Colorado backcountry. From the beginning, it was clear that our two creative minds together could be a powerful force in both adventure and business.

Photo Credit: Allison Seymour

Graphic design has been my career for 20 years. My resume includes several national outdoor industry brands and two magazines about craft beer. But, despite having great perks like free backpacks and climbing shoes, and happy hour at the office bar every day, the 8-to-5 working and commuting structure has never been for me.

So, last spring, after years of deliberating the scary consequences of giving up my steady paycheck and annual bonus, I handed in my notice of resignation and took a leap of faith into the next chapter of my life.

Photo Credit: Allison Seymour

After leaving my “real” job and freeing up my schedule, I was able to get to “work” climbing and skiing potential routes around the southern Front Range with Fritz, wrapping up the necessary beta and photos that we’d need to get his second book finished. I embraced my multiple roles of athlete, art director, photographer, designer, and editor as part of Giterdun Publishing. And now that my office is only 10 feet from my bedroom, I get to pick my play days, and plan my work days around the weather forecast.

Photo Credit: Allison Seymour

In the fall of 2014, we released Fritz’s second guidebook, Making Turns in Colorado’s Front Range—Vol. 1 and then hit the road to fulfill orders and generate more sales. We both sense that we’re on the verge of something big, so a clear focus and a positive outlook is important right now, and definitely not always easy.

Photo Credit: Allison Seymour
Photo Credit: Allison Seymour

This winter, we’re beginning the research and recon on routes for Making Turns in Colorado’s Front Range—Vol. 2. We’ll be skinning and skiing as many days as possible, focusing on skiing options north of I-70 up toward the southern end of Rocky Mountain National Park. In addition, we’re working with UAIGM guide Eli Helmuth to design, photograph and publish his guidebook, Select Ice Climbs in Rocky Mountain National Park.

Photo Credit: Allison Seymour

This coming fall we are planning a 3 week expedition to Argentina to catch their spring couloir season on some really high, technical peaks. We hope to be teaming up some of the best Colorado skiers and our generous sponsors, as well as a film crew. Plus, there’s more in the works at Giterdun Publishing, but it’s too early to announce, so stay tuned for details!

Another motivation for getting my independent business started is so that I have some flexibility to work on volunteer projects and events and give back a little to the activities and passions that inspire me. I’m excited about my involvement with SheJumps this season and want to be able to meet some other inspiring female athletes and learn about their stories and motivations.

What is your passion? What are your goals? What is holding you back? Make your dreams a reality—have no fear and take the leap.

“FEAR is for suckers.” —from the book You are a Badass by Jen Sincero


Allison is a freelance art director and graphic designer in the Denver area. For inquires about your next design project (, or to buy  one of Fritz and Allison’s books (  Trust us, you’ll feel good about supporting small, independent businesses with experience and passion plus doing so will also support this hungry ski bum.

All photos credited to Allison Seymour

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