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Hero Kit: Happy Bikes & Happy Bikers

How many times have you found yourself bike wrestling? You know that, get-back-in-place-you-stupid-bike-tube-magigger-err feeling right before your tire iron slips off the rim of your wheel and you slice open your knuckles? That’s usually the moment just before a friendly, smiling, mechanically minded fellow biker shows up behind you on the trail and gives you a few helpful hints about how to get your tube back into place without the struggle. Don’t you wish that guy showed up a few moments earlier, before the blood and frustration? Even better, what if you could carry him around in your jersey pocket to reference whenever a bike repair need arose?

Now you can! Hero Kits have put together well thought out bike repair kits. The folks at Hero Kits have done this before, they know the bikes, they’ve seen the crisis and they know which ones are the most common and what you’re going to need to put your bike back together.

The tools, however, aren’t much good if you don’t know how to use them, which is what makes the Instruction Booklet the crown jewel of the kit. The small, lightweight booklet provides step-by-step and easy to understand instructions on dealing with bike related blow-ups, covering scenarios such as a broken chain, wobbly wheel, brake problems, and more.

As of now, I’ve been lucky enough not to need to use my Hero Kit trail side, however I did flip through the booklet and gave my bike a few maintenance tweaks that have helped things (brakes and shifters) function a little smoother. This review is to be amended after my next bike breakdown, which, considering the vintage of my bike, may be sooner rather than later.

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