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Hot Wheels and Hero’s

There are 20 new (s)Hero’s on wheels in the Pioneer Valley in Massachusetts thanks to HeroKits and the fantastic bike mechanics Liz Budd and Sean Condon of Speed and Sprocket Bicycle Works.

On July 16th SheJumps took over Energia Studios in Hadley, MA for an evening of pumps, levers, smiles and brews.


Liz Budd our teacher

As a female bike mechanic, Liz Budd, is a rare find, her leadership during the event was super inspiring. Liz not only talked us through removing tires, deflating tubes, checking for leaks but actually encouraged getting our hands dirty and doing it. Sean supported the group by offering one on one help to those who needed it as Liz instructed.

The true dirty part was the second part of the evening when Liz taught us how to remove the back wheel. We also learned great prevention and care tips. Participants were able to learn to use their new HeroKits and bike levers provided by Pedros NA.

Kim Pisinksi

Kim Pisinski using her HeroKit


Felice Dimartino

In addition to walking away with great skills, some lucky ladies went home with gift certificates from generous local businesses: Energia Studios, Valley Bike and Ski Werks, Ode, Hillside Pizza, Speed and Sprocket Cycle Werks. One uber lucky lady went home with this rad kit donated by Pedros. What a win for her!!


The Big Win with Pedros NA!

The night was made perfect ending with some delicious and refreshing beer provided by the Northampton Brewery.

SheJumps and Speed and Sprocket are ready to plan more clinics so let us know how we can help you be more confident on your bike. Email me at

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