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Jackson Wax and Wine Recap

If you’ve noticed a recent influx of ladies with girafficorns on their helmets flying by you on the Jackson Hole catwalks, it is likely they attended the recent SheJumps Wax & Wine event! Indeed, on December 11, SheJumps partnered with Pepi Stiegler Sports to bring a great group together for our Ladies Wax & Wine Night, in which the talented tuning staff at Pepi’s taught ladies how to hand-tune and wax their skis and boards.

We kicked the night off with a bit of a happy hour—wine, delicious appetizers, new friends and lots of laughs—before settling in for a hand-tuning and waxing lesson. During this time, ladies were given a thorough run-down of how to work on their equipment and the tools that were needed. It was an excellent and comfortable learning environment in which questions were encouraged, received and answered in an easy and understanding manner. Following this lesson (and a little more wine), the group was taken into the back shop where they were given the chance to put what they had learned into action! Pepi’s had a great group of their tuning staff on hand to help each lady play with what sharpening their edges might look like and everyone got to take a turn at getting a fresh coat of wax on their skis—it was a blast!

Indeed, overall, everyone involved—tuners, participants and myself—truly had a fabulous time. Pepi’s setup the night in a manner that allowed for the perfect amount of teaching combined with an opportunity for SheJumpers to dive in and try it all for themselves. And perhaps the biggest hit of the night was the SheJumps girafficorn stickers, which all participants and tuner’s got—that’s right, you might see some supportive gentlemen rocking hot pink girafficorn stickers too and we LOVE it!

Thank you to all the ladies who attended, supported and continue to support SheJumps and a massive shout-out to Pepi Stiegler Sports for hosting us and providing so much information combined with so much fun! And of course, thank you to the Mangy Moose Market & Cellars who generously donated wine and to The Liquor Store, who gave us an awesome discount on more wine. This was one of the funnest SheJumps events I’ve had a chance to partake in and I can’t wait to do it again!

 –Carisa Barnett

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