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Know Before You Go Recap- Salt Lake City

When Ullr decides to grace the Wasatch with some powder, the ladies are ready!  On December 5th, almost 100 women gathered at the REI in Salt Lake City for our annual Know Before You Go chat with Evelyn Lees and Pat Lamborough from the Utah Avalanche Center.


Evelyn covered numerous topics following the steps of the Know Before You Go avalanche awareness program.

  1. Get the Gear (hint: Beacon, Shovel, Probe)

  2. Get the Training (hint: Check out

  3. Get the Forecast (hint: for our area.  We are lucky to have such amazing forecasters in our area!)

  4. Get the Picture (hint: terrain choices, local observations)

  5. Get out of Harm’s Way (hint: minimize your exposure to hazards)

She also had some great comparisons to help visualize what happens when you are in an avalanche.  My favorite is to think of an avalanche as a bowl of chips that is being shaken.  You are the crumb that ends up at the bottom!  Don’t be the crumb that gets pushed to the bottom of the bowl!  The best option is to avoid getting in the avalanche if at all possible (using the KBYG steps above).  But if you do happen to be the crumb, an airbag can help you float to the top of the chips.


Next up we found out what was in Pat’s pack.  Everyone’s preferences are different, and the important take away is find something that works for YOU.  This can include layers for changing conditions, food, water, repair kit, but should always include your shovel and probe.

Armed with the knowledge of the night, we are now ready to (safely!) venture into the backcountry!

Many thanks to our partners in making this event possible!

And for the great raffle prizes!

Pray for Snow!

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