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Ladies Shredding at Big Sky

For a second straight winter, the ladies of Big Sky came out in full force to support SheJumps and have a blast with friends – both new and old!

The day started out with breakfast, supplied by the Alpine Motel, and everyone grabbing their goody-bags stocked with treats from Kate’s Real Food, Big Sky Resort, MT Holistic Living, the Alpine Motel, and SheJumps. Everyone also got the prized item of the day before we hit the slops – BEAUTIFUL shirts made by High Country Goods (formerly Big Sky Shirt Co.). Alaina Stinson and Josh Tozier generously designed, printed, and donated shirts for all participants…for a second year. We couldn’t be more grateful for their continued support!

Big Sky Cristy Watson 1

Once everyone was fed and stocked up, we headed out. It was a HUGE plus to have a large contingent of Big Sky staff on hand – they didn’t disappoint and brought us right to the powder! We skied a bit together, then split off into a couple groups based on ability levels and did some filming.

Big Sky Erin Cunningham 1

Big Sky Erin Cunningham 2

Big Sky Cristy Watson 2

The day was the perfect opportunity to introduce Big Sky SheJumpers to their new Ambassador, Melinda Turner. She was out there with a smile on her face all day – this girl radiates positivity!

Big Sky Cristy Watson 3

Later in the day, a group of us made our way over to Moonlight to warm up…Apres #1, prior to meeting at Whiskey Jack’s!

Big Sky Cristy Watson 4

And then a little more skiing before the day wrapped up.

Big Sky Erin Cunningham 4

Big Sky Erin Cunningham 5

Big Sky Erin Cunningham 6

We all headed over to Whiskey Jack’s at the end of the day to share stories, exchange numbers & hugs, and raffle off some goodies!

Big Sky Cristy Watson 6

Grizzly Outfitters donated a Jammy Pack that was raffled off to last year’s poster girl, Dani Menter. We were thrilled to have Dani at the event since she had ended up missing the previous one due to a traumatic ski accident…that had taken place a year prior to this one! And we were also thrilled to have Kristina Whitlow, the ski patroller that got Dani off the mountain that day. Lots of love between all the ladies.

Not only did Grizzly donate a Jammy Pack, but their repair shop staff offered up support in the form of beards, dresses, and pink drinks!

Big Sky Cristy Watson 5

We couldn’t have had the great day we did without our terrific partners. Thank you Kate’s Real Food, RAMP, Big Sky Resort, High Country Goods, Alpine Motel, MT Holistic Living, Grizzly Outfitters, and Whiskey Jack’s!

Thank you to Michelle Frederick for being an amazing partner and allowing for such a seamless process between Big Sky and SheJumps. And thank you to Brian Watson and Eric Watson for volunteering their time again this year to assist in set-up and clean-up, allowing all the girls to hit the slopes together! And finally, thank you to Big Sky videographer, Michael Jezak, who filmed and created a video of the event for us!!

Check out the video to put a smile on your face!

Written by: Cristy Watson

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