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Meet Midwest Ambassador Laurel Peak!

Hometown: Augusta, MI

Home mountain or favorite outdoor place? My favorite mountain of all time is Mount Moosilauke in the White Mountains in New Hampshire. My goal is to hike Moosilauke every year of my life!

Favorite quote: Be so happy that when others see you, it makes them smile!” -paraphrased from a yogi tea bag.

Outdoor activities:  I try to get outside everyday. This can be as simple as getting pulled by my crazy puppy on my long board down my street or mountain biking all day around norther Michigan. Either way, I love to see the outdoors at different hours. I love the early morning because it is so quiet, and I love the end of the afternoon because all the critters are bustling around! I am pretty much up to try anything outside. This year I want to learn to surf on Lake Michigan.

What does being a Jumper mean to you? As a jumper, I want to inspire women (and men) to try new things in the outdoors. I want to help women push themselves out of their comfort zone.

What inspires you/inspired you to be such a outdoorsy lady? I love getting after it. The world is so beautiful, and I want to interact with it. I like pushing myself in the outdoors, becoming exhausted, and then sleeping outside under a full moon.

What would you dare to accomplish if you knew success was the only possible outcome? I am going to try to take a year off of work every decade of my life and live outside. I have no clue how this will come together, but I am pretty set on doing this! I have five years left in my twenties to make it happen…

What’s a goal you have for this coming year as an Ambassador? I really want to bring Shejumps to the Midwest! There are so many cool things to do in our region and I want to help connect midwestern women to this amazing area. We have the Great Lakes, the Boundary Waters, dunes, peninsulas, amazing breweries, great fruits and veggies, the North Country Trail, ten bazillion lakes and rivers, backcountry skiing, great XC mountain biking, surfing, SUPing, Pictured Rocks, and so much more!

What else is happening in your life? I am a high school special education teacher, and I love my job. I am finishing my master’s degree in learning disabilities, and I plan to go back to school to get my doctorate in educational leadership. From there, I want to start an outdoor and environmentally focused school for at-risk girls.

I have two crazy dogs and a sweet parter. We have a big garden and try to live simply.

Come out and meet Laurel at our next event, or email here at!

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