Meet SheJumps Board Members: Q&A with Georgina Miranda

Updated: May 27, 2020

Welcome to the Board of Directors: Georgina Miranda. We’re excited to have you and learn more about you.

Q: Tell us a little about yourself.

A: I’m a long time supporter of SheJumps. I’m a social entrepreneur, mountain athlete, adventurer, public speaker, coach, writer, consultant, and activist. I currently am the founder and Chief Visionary Officer at She Ventures with a personal mission to accelerate gender equality and the well-being of women around the world. I’m an avid mountaineer, having scaled some of the world’s highest peaks including Mt. Everest, and am also a yogi, reiki practitioner, world traveler, and treasure any chance I get to spend in nature. Originally a California girl, I now take my work around the world. Adventure changed my life, and know it can transform the lives of other women and girls as well. I’m in the process of completing the Explorer Grand Slam to raise awareness around gender-based violence and climate change.

Q: Why SheJumps?

A: Adventure changed my life and continues to. Time outdoors and in nature continues to be a form of healing and well-being management. Knowing the transformational power of the outdoors and my personal mission to help more women to step into their power and create a more equal future, organizations like SheJumps play an incredibly important role in the life of girls and women around the country to encourage them to develop into their full potential. Our missions are aligned and the work and effort needed.

Q: What has your involvement been with SheJumps before joining the board?

A: I have been a long time supporter of SheJumps as a fundraiser through events organized by She Ventures. I proudly wear my Girafficorn hat!

Q: What goal of the SheJumps 5 year Strategic Plan is the most important to you?

A: SheJumps is a leading resource of free and low-cost access to outdoor education for girls and women of all backgrounds.

Q: What do you hope to get out of joining the SheJumps Board of Directors?

A: I hope to contribute my knowledge and expertise to help the organization achieve its 5 year strategic plan. I also hope to engage and interact with the women and girls going through some of the programming and hopefully be a role model. I also would love to join the Alpine Finishing School one year.

Photo by Josh Vertucci

Q: What is your vision for SheJumps?

A: To be a catalyst for young women believing any dream is within reach. I believe time in the outdoors and adventure gives us that confidence we will need later on in life. Once we have it, it’s hard for anyone to take that away from us.

Now, it’s time for the lightning round:

Q: Outdoor activity of choice (pick one, two if you must)?

A: Mountaineering and skiing.

Photo by Diego Borchers

Q: What outdoor female inspires you and why?

A: I really admire and respect Sarah Marquis. Her desire to be in the wild and walk such long distances in uninhabited places is something I can connect to. I have grown such a deep love for solo adventuring as of late and she takes it above and beyond. It inspires me to keep pushing past my boundaries and continue to.

Q: Who is your favorite female adventure partner and what traits does that person bring to your outings?

A: My climbing partner and dear friend, Pam. We met on a climbing trip of Mt. Elbrus in 2008, highest peak in Europe. We have been with each other in life and death situations and I trust her fully. We have fun, go deep, and have had some incredible experiences pushing past personal boundaries self imposed or otherwise. We always encourage each other to go beyond and there is never competition. Very grateful for our adventures and friendship for over a decade now.

Q: What’s your favorite product to have with you outdoors?

A: My camera and my buff/bandana combo (I sweat A LOT).

Q: What is your favorite trail snack?

A: Some type of hard candy to trick my brain from being hungry.

Follow Georgina's adventures on Instagram at @gg_miranda.


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