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Micro Ventures: A Way to Connect to the Outdoors

SheJumps launches Micro Ventures series to promote connection to outdoors and community during pandemic.

From the city sidewalks to rural communities, SheJumps Micro Ventures helps the public reimagine nature and build a sense of community through accessible with COVID-safe activities.

We're inviting the general public to join our SheJumps Micro Ventures series. Starting today and continuing through July, We'll share a free nature-related activity for all ages and geographic locations every Wednesday.

In a time when we are physically separated from loved ones and negotiating new realities, SJ Micro Ventures will help participants connect to nature through accessible activities. Whether Micro Ventures become a part of the “new normal” routine, or they’re saved for later, these activities will be relevant to all demographics and living situations–from the city to the mountains.

Each activity will be posted on the SheJumps blog and presented as a PDF with instructions. During this time when gathering physically together is not an option, those participating in the activities will be encouraged to share their results on social media by tagging @SheJumps and using #SJMicroVentures, creating a digital community where participants can learn from each other’s adventures and connect through nature.

The first SheJumps Mini Venture is live and provides details on how to make a compass using items you already have at home.

"Our organization is all about gathering girls and women in the outdoors and connecting with nature. In a time when we can't physically be together, we wanted to find a way to bring our community together and find solace in the outdoors, even if that looks very different these days,” said Claire Smallwood, Executive Director of SheJumps. “SJ Micro Ventures are intended to allow people of all ages to walk out their door, regardless of where that is, and connect to the wellness benefits of nature as we all continue to manage the personal impact of the COVID-19 crisis.”

To receive updates about #SJMicroVentures, follow @SheJumps on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and sign-up for the SheJumps newsletter.

For more information about all of SheJumps, please visit

About SheJumps

SheJumps mission is to increase the participation of women and girls in outdoor activities, unearthing their potential through play and connection to nature. SheJumps accomplishes its mission by hosting events across the U.S. that offer a wide variety of outdoor activities, from wilderness survival and mountaineering to hikes on local trails and skill-building clinics. Through these activities and the SheJumps community, girls and women are empowered to accept challenges in nature and in life with courage. Through low-cost and free outdoor education and group activities, we create a supportive, safe, inspiring community to nurture all degrees of transformation. For more information, visit

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