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Outdoor Education

Our Outdoor Education programs are all about empowerment. It’s through these clinics and courses that we aim to provide a safe and fun learning environment to enable the transfer of knowledge, technical skills, inspiration, and excitement. In becoming a more knowledgeable and capable outdoors-woman you can go more confidently into your adventures – and how can you not be excited about that? Much like in our Get the Girls Out and Youth Initiative programs, we maintain a focus on support and community.

Outdoor Education isn’t just for the beginners! We encourage women who are more well versed in the sport to attend our clinics as a refresher, a step-up to the next level, or an opportunity to help guide others who are new to the sport. This is a great opportunity to embrace the SheJumps mission. Empowerment = higher participation. And isn’t that what we’re all after: more women to share the outdoors with.

It's always important to map out your route before setting out into the backcountry!

2014: A year for new experiences… Let’s make this year about learning new things, embracing others, and passing on wisdom! Step 1) Find an Outdoor Education event in your area, Step 2) Brush up on your skills, and Step 3) Let the adventures begin! Can’t find one you’re looking for? If you’d like to see a specific course (or would like to help organize one), reach out to your Regional Coordinator.

Want to learn more?  Check out our program page, to read all about the Outdoor Education program along with the other SheJumps programs.  And check out our latest clinics and courses here.

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