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Partner Profile: Racysuits

If you’ve been following SheJumps for a while, you know we’re no strangers to outrageous costumes-especially at our Apres Ski events! This became part of our culture of wanting to show the outdoor community that women are here and we’re not going to take ourselves too seriously! We’re all about mountain dance parties and high fives! SheJumps brings a passionate group of women together to create FUN at our Get the Girls Out fundraising events.

When we learned about women-owned Racysuits, we couldn’t have imagined a better company to work with as a supporter of our Get the Girls Out winter events. We chatted with owner Marina Barnes about her vision and company and why she is a proud supporter of SheJumps.

What inspired you  to start the company?

Racysuits is inspired by my family’s legacy of bespoke ski racing suits from the 80s. My grandfather raced on the USSA Far West Masters Ski Racing team until the age of 83. His racing buddy and dear friend, Norma, would sew them custom ski racing suits for competitions each year. Always picking the brightest neon prints and colors, this custom collection of ski suits grew throughout their racing career. Marina is now the proud owner of this vintage collection and in 2016 decided it was time to bring these colorful designs back to the slopes.

What does being a lady boss mean to you?

I think my favorite part about being a lady boss it the new network of lady bosses I’m now connected too. I’m inspired daily by the work being done by women around the world and have received so much support from them. So many creative and business savvy ladies out there!

What inspired your company to support SheJumps and getting more women and girls the opportunity to experience the fun and confidence building of connecting to the outdoors?

The mountains are my happy place and I feel so lucky to have been introduced to outdoor adventures at an early age. I love that Shejumps is engaging women of all ages and backgrounds to get outside and have fun. A community of women building confidence through sports and adventure is a beautiful thing and I am thrilled to be contributing to that mission.

At SheJumps, keeping our outdoor playground healthy and accessible is a priority. Is there anything you’d like to share about your environmental sustainability practices?

Racysuits is very excited about the sustainable fashion practices being adopted in the retail world today. We are considered a slow fashion brand. Our suits are made from high quality materials locally sourced and produced in the USA. We create a few styles per collection which are released once a year. These sustainable practices create less waste and our customers become owners of a suit that will last a lifetime. We are excited to be introducing new sustainable materials in our suits next season.

How does Racysuits support the outdoor community?

Racysuits has become another awesome outdoor community for people looking for fun. I am seriously in love with all my Racysuits customers and have had the pleasure of meeting many of them on the slopes. When you own a Racysuit you become family and we have hopefully inspired many to join us on the slopes for a bit of fun.

Is there anything you’d like to add about leadership opportunities for women in your company?

I love collaborating with women on Racysuits projects! I have done projects with skiers, photographers, videographers, stylists, graphic designers from around the world. Racysuits is currently run by myself and my husband so I have depended on these amazing collabs for the past 3 years. Please reach out to me if you are interested in working on Racysuits.

Where does your product fit into the outdoor community/industry?

Racysuits is first and foremost a ski suit company. Worn both on its own or as a base layer, our suits are fully lined with a moisture wicking 4 way stretch fabric to keep you dry and warm. Our suits incorporate the fit and function of a ski racing suit with fun prints and colors that will have the world loving your every move. Our customers take their suits with them on many adventures. They have been skied and surfed in, taken on kiteboarding and skydiving adventures, worn as a sun protector for a canoe or kayak trip, and of course they really take a dance party to the next level. However you decide to rock your Racysuits we only hope that it brightens your day and gives you that extra layer of fun your adventure deserves.

We love this Stars and Stripes suit, it’s got Girraficorn Magic sewn in! Racy Suits is donating 20% of sales from their US Ski Team suit to SheJumps. Grab yours quick and don’t miss the coupon code in our March newsletter!

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