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Pretty Faces Submissions

The all-women’s ski and adventure film, Pretty Faces, is looking for video submissions from people like you. This film is about celebrating the spirit of the mountains, and filmmaker/pro skier Lynsey Dyer has a mission to document that through the your eyes: the SheJumper, the blossoming Girafficorn, the weekend-warrior, the mother, the daughter, the aspiring professional skier, the guide, the dreamer.

It’s time to get in front of a camera—capture some magical moments on your skis. Remember that it’s about trying, not just thinking about it. Borrow a camera, ask for help. Remember to keep the camera steady, and not to overthink it. It can be as simple as a quick burst through some soft powdery trees on a storm day, one beautiful turn on a sunny day, or a whole line you’ve been eyeing up (or ski everyday). Help us show the world that you are the skier they’ve been missing.

It’s March, which means there are still some powder days on the horizon and definitely more light in the day to get out there and get after it. Tell a story about what skiing means, help us gather footage of your friends. From dancing on a mountain top to high-fives and spread eagles to hitting airs and pushing yourself with a little “Kodak courage”, Pretty Faces wants your footage!

Here are some guidelines:

1. SHOOT: Footage must be of the HD variety. Please do not delete or compress files after shooting if you’d like it to be considered for inclusion in the film. (aka, keep all your RAW footage!) 2. EDIT: Edit your best footage into a 2 minutes “best of” reel. The creative door is wide open on this front! Dazzle us, impress us! By compiling your footage in the order that tells your story, it will help us to see how the footage can be used in the movie. Again, please don’t delete or compress your raw footage! 3. POST: Submit your video via a link from VIMEO or YOUTUBE to (our contribution coordinator). We will review it and get in touch with you. Although we can’t promise we’ll include everyone in the flick, we can promise we will give everyone a fair shot! 4. TECH STUFF: 16:9 Preferred Frame rates: 3-/60 (or higher for slow motion); footage 1080p (1920 x 1080) preferred (720 will be accepted, but not ideal). If you are shooting with a newer GoPro, we are looking for footage to be captured in the 1080 “Superview” setting or 1440 (and we’ll make it “Superview in post production).

So get out there ladies and show us what you got!!! What do you have to lose? This is fun and a unique opportunity to share what sliding on snow means to you—and the places it takes you.

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