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SaltPump Rock Climbing Day Recap

Such an awesome day of climbing at Salt Pump climbing Co. on November 13th! It was great to see all the smiles along with the support and encouragement.

Group 1

We started the day with familiarizing ourselves with the equipment and learning how to tie climbing knots. We then moved to the beginner wall to learn belaying techniques and also did some bouldering. From there we all tried our hand at the advanced walls which was about 60 ft. The word of the day was progression as we pushed ourselves and encouraged each other!


A special thank you to Salt Pump Climbing Co. for the awesome instruction and world class climbing facility. As well as Allspeed, Eastern Mountain Sports, Treeline coffee, COOLA, Eco lips and Munk pack for there partnership with us. Please keep an eye out for future fun and exciting events at and here on facebook. This is just the beginning for SheJumps Maine!!

Group 4
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