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SheJumpers of the Tetons Continue to Pursue Backcountry Education

Once again, SheJumpers of the Tetons packed the house for our annual Ladies Avalanche Awareness night. A perfect kickoff to the winter season, this event provided ladies with a great introduction to or refresher of backcountry safety basics.

Presented by the ever-knowledgeable Jacob Urban and Nancy Bockino of Jackson Hole Leadership Institute, the evening kicked off with a broader overview of the process of backcountry travel and safety: preparedness, practice, professionalism and the art of being present—the four “p’s” of Teton County Search and Rescue’s new Backcountry Zero initiative—and the backbone of the evenings presentation. From the larger group discussion surrounding these concepts, the evening transitioned into various aspects of avalanche safety: a breakdown of backcountry backpack essentials, including a live demonstration of what was in the backcountry savvy Urban and Bockino’s packs; a breakdown of the avalanche bulletin and how to interpret the information presented there; the process of planning and executing backcountry trips; and some of the gender specifics pertaining to females in the backcountry.

Awareness 2

To top it off, all of this information was enhanced by sweet door prizes including girafficorns, bars from Kate’s Real Food and quality lip products from Ecolips! Plus, Marker Apparel generously donated an awesome down jacket as well as a down vest for raffle prizes—bringing a little bit of fun into an otherwise serious evening of information!

As always, thanks to our amazing event partner Jackson Hole Outdoor Leadership for their time, support, flexibility, generosity and overall willingness to get behind the girafficorn and all it stands for as well as Teton County Search and Rescue for a space. Thank you to our event partners who provided the swag and of course, a giant thank you to all of the ladies who came out!! We’ll see you in the snow!

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