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SheJumps Hike to Pilchuck Lookout – Recap

To kick off our first event in the Seattle area this fall, on October 18th, a few ladies braced the fogy rainy weather to go on a hike!

We met fairly early at the Park and Ride in Shoreline, shared some laughs and bets on how many other ladies would join, as the weather wasn’t looking to be the most pleasant.


At a strong count of 5 ( + a pup) , we hit the road towards the Pilchuck trail head around 8:30 am. Rain came and went during the drive, but we hoped for the best. Once we arrived at the trailhead, we were surprised to find that it was actually not rainy at all as we were greeted by a Narnia like magical fall forest. Most of ladies have never been on this specific hike before, so we were all excited to get to see the lookout at the top of the mountain and hoped for a few mountain views.


Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate with us fully. It did not bring us rain but the clouds and fog stayed pretty low causing poor visibility. We, however, still enjoyed the PNW nature beauty around us. Our most stoked hiker was Greta, the pup, who ran around us in circles, showing how excited she was to be outside roaming around.


After making it to the top of the hike, we were very thankful for the little house at the top of the mountain, as the inside was nice and cozy. This was a nice break for a quick snack and a chance to add some of those puffy layers for the hike down. We also spent some time looking at various photos inside the lookout, that told us some of the history of the small tower that was build on that mountain top in 1918! Definitely looking to come back up during a clear day to be able to see the peaks on the horizon, as the lookout sits in the most perfect spot, providing 360 degrees mountain views of Olympics, Rainier, Baker and Glacier Peak.


The temps at the top were cooler then expected – winter is definitely on its way!

Yulia Dubinina


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