SheJumps Wax & Wine Clinic: Ladies Night at the Creel – Recap

It’s never too early to get excited for winter and what better way to do so than with friends. On October 14th we did just that and SheJumps hosted its third event in Spokane; a Wax and Wine Clinic at Spokane’s oldest ski shop, The Sports Creel. The Creel has been around for a long time for good reason: they are a local family owned business and three-generations deep of ski experience and customer service. Their reputation for integrity and community is far-reaching, with customers on the west side of the Cascades who won’t go to any other ski shop. What made the night even more special, was co-host The Rocket Market; another local business whose owner, Alan Shepard, used to work at the Creel as a teenager. With this sort of deep rooted community partnership as a foundation, the night was set up to be a great one.

PC: Taylor Hornney

I know, I know, people probably wonder how much waxing actually happens at a clinic like this with all the distractions of wine and cheeses, as well as beer offerings from the Icicle Brewing Company. While we did all enjoy ourselves, I have to say that there were two big take-aways for me that night. #1 A strong sense of community as already outlined above; two local businesses partnering up to support the education of women in the outdoors. And #2, said women of the outdoors and the seriousness and focus that they brought to the clinic. Opportunities for women to get hands-on training in their sport will always be in demand and this clinic really highlighted the reality of that need.

PC: Taylor Hornney

Our Ladies Night at the Creel consisted of 20 women who brought their skis in to be tuned. While the pros at the Creel put our skis through their brand new tuners to get them flattened and our edges sharpened, we sampled a variety of local organic cheeses and fine wines while meeting new friends with similar outdoor pursuits to help fuel the conversation. We had local Swix Wax rep and expert, Klaus, walk us through the science of ski wax, the varieties available out there, and how to select them. He also gave us an overview on how to properly prep our skis and apply the wax. As you can see, we had a very determined group ready to learn.

PC: Taylor Hornney

After the presentation portion of the clinic by Klaus, it was time to get our hands dirty and ladies lined up for their turn at the tuning bench! We had second generation Creel experts Lynn and Herb Genteman, third generation Creel experts TJ and Micah Genteman, and Creel shop experts Phil and Matt give active instruction and guidance as we each waxed our own skis.

PC: Taylor Hornney

There was a lot of laughter and fun during the process and we all felt a lot a more confident with our newly attained knowledge and skills of waxing. Our expert volunteers were fantastic – I mean, how can you not trust someone with an amazing shirt like that?! Micah knows what he is about.

PC: Taylor Hornney

After all our hard work it was time to raffle off the great swag that the Sports Creel had procured from Smith Optics, Salomon, Dragon, Swix, Armada, and of course some Girafficorn swag! There were goggles, glasses, shirts, hats, helmets, ski bags, and of course several copies of Pretty Faces! We were able to raise a lot of money at our raffle for SheJumps and winner or not, everyone walked out of the clinic with a sweet goodie bag and a hat, compliments of Salomon. So really, everyone was a winner. (the goodie bags were my favorite!)

PC: Taylor Hornney

The shared stoke steadily built up throughout the evening as people felt more ready than ever for the arrival of winter with their freshly waxed skis and newly acquired ski gear. While it was nice to sample the local offerings of The Rocket Market and Icicle Brewing, and it was even nicer to walk out of the building with prizes from the Creel, the nicest part was the communal portions of the evening. Simply being surrounded with the positivity and support of like-minded friends and local businesses who just get it was the absolute best. People who understand the need for community and outdoor education so that we can all become more self-reliant on the mountain. So that we in turn can be supportive and build each other up. Winter is coming. Are you ready?

Anna Twohig


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