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SheJumps Women of Winter

Come join SheJumps and Skirack for the Women of Winter party. Bringing the local community together to learn about some of the local companies within the industry and what they have to offer to make our outdoor experiences better. Get out and meet your local rippers who are keeping the stoke level high and the old school Vermont passion going.

Come down to Citizen Cider for a night of learning about what this great state has to offer us not only for the winter but all seasons. We will have Catamount Trail Association speak about women’s events & what being a member means, and how ladies can give back. Louise Lintilhac from Backcountry Magazine will be there to talk buyer’s guide, gear that’s available at Skirack, and how to use it/gear questions. Andrea Charest from Petra cliffs will be supplying information about the many opportunities they have such as indoor climbing, ice climbing, and backcountry touring. Noah Labow will be there to talk about the Green Mountain Training center and the programs he coaches such as parkour, ninja training, and freestyle skiing. Skida and Ski the East will also be there selling products.

What to expect: An open forum for people to learn more about what is available in the area to expand your outdoor experience year round. Come join old friends and make some new long lasting relationships. All parties involved are very passionate about the outdoor sports community and we just want to share our love for the outdoors with everyone.

Is this a women’s only event? Do I have to be 21 to enter? We never want anyone to feel left out, so yes this is a “women of winter” party but strongly encourage all skiers and snowboarders male or female of all ages to come. We want to focus on women and get more ladies out experiencing everything nature has to offer. If you ski because your boyfriend, husband, father, or brother does, then please bring them as well.This is a family friendly restaurant and tasting room. Yes alcohol will be served but EVERYONE is welcome.

Location and tickets: Citizen Cider 316 Pine Street, Suite 114 Burlington, Vt 05401 Please register online ahead of time by clicking here.

Event Contact: Danielle Brabon,

Check out the Facebook Event Page for more information



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