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Telluride Women’s Ski and Wellness Week Was A Success

Two weeks ago Telluride Mountain Ski Resort wrapped up the last weekend of their annual Women’s Ski and Wellness Week.  Telluride’s Women’s Ski and Wellness Week took place over three different duration this winter.  Two 3-Day sessions were held on January 22-14 and February 26-28th and one 5-Day session on February 7-11th.  Thankfully I had the privilege to participate and experience the last weekend for myself.

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This was the 35th year that Telluride’s Women’s Ski Week too place.  It was founded by Annie Savath who continues to participate in the events.  This year Fawnda Rogers as well as Telluride Ski School ran the show and they did an outstanding job.

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Each day started out with morning yoga where the ladies were able to stretch and loosen up for the day.  After yoga the women got to spend the day as they should, skiing on the mountain.  The women were divided into groups based on skill and comfort levels and paired with a guide.  The guides did an incredible job teaching new or forgotten skills that allowed the women to become more confident skiers.  After a full day of skiing the women had the opportunity to attend 3 different evening activities.  On Friday night there was a Bio-mechanics talk regarding the science behind how to handle your body while skiing,  Saturday night there was a gear talk regarding women specific skis and boots, and Sunday there was a pizza happy hour.

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Overall the weekend was an amazing experience.  I was able to learn new skills to improve my skiing as well as meet some awesome women who inspired me to keep shredding the mountain.

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