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Try Something New

Have you ever had the feeling that you are tired of doing the same activity over and over and looking for a little refreshing break? Having something new to challenge both yourself physically but also mentally is a great way to kick the habit of excuses NOT to do something and instead actually try something new for a change.

Here at SheJumps we are all about “Jump In, Jump Up and Jump Out,” encouraging women to take the chance to get involved with the life they’ve always dreamed of—and share the one they’re living—with females in their local community and all over the world! We are here to create and share the new “cover girls;” the new inspiration of what it means to “jump” to reach your highest potential.

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If you are at a loss of what to try- begin by writing a list of your core life principles. Have you ever stopped to write down a list of “rules” you want to help guide your life?

Here are a few to get you thinking…

1. Don’t hold grudges.

2. Treat everyone with kindness.

3. See problems as challenges.

4. Express gratitude for what you already have.

5. Dream big.

6. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

7. Speak well of others.

8. Never make excuses.

9. Get absorbed into the present.

10. Take the time to listen.

11. Eat well.

12. Tell the truth.

13. Accept what cannot be changed.

So Jump and try something new.

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