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Alexandra Cotter


Alex is a critical care physician assistant by day (and sometimes night) who finds the outdoors to be her own best medicine. She has always found joy in being active in whatever form that may take - from fly fishing to swimming to skiing, and everything in between!

Alicia Monahan


Mom. Firefighter. Avid multi-sport adventurer. Native to Richmond, VA, there isn't much in the outdoors she hasn't at least tried once! "If I make it to the point in my life where the silver transcends the copper in my hair, and my eyes twinkle with years of adventure and knowledge, I never want to look back on my life and wonder, 'What if.'" ~ Alicia Anne

Landon Figg


Skiing since age 3, Landon thrives in the outdoors and loves finding new adventures with her family and friends. Living intentionally; helping others; giving back makes this life worth living

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