Camilla Christiansen


Camilla was born in Brasil and raised in the US. Mountain/road biking, yoga, rock climbing are some things she loves to do, but her passion is inspiring confidence in others and protecting those without a voice.

Laura Hopkins


Laura lives in Baltimore and currently an in-home educator in DC. She is in the process of studying to earn a master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. In her spare time, Laura loves being by the water, at the gym, trail running, throwing around kettlebells, boating, swimming, hiking, traveling/aventuring, and SUP-ing. When she isn't sport-ing, she enjoys telling great jokes, and spending time with friends, family and/or trusty dog Kona.

Alicia Monahan


Mom. Firefighter. Avid multi-sport adventurer. Native to Richmond, VA, but also living in southwest Virginia and working in West Virginia, there isn't much in the outdoors she hasn't at least tried once! "If I make it to the point in my life where the silver transcends the copper in my hair, and my eyes twinkle with years of adventure and knowledge, I never want to look back on my life and wonder, 'What if.'" ~ Alicia Anne

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