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Who We Are

About SheJumps Programs

Our programs are designed to fulfill our promise to not only increase participation in outdoor activities for women, but also ensure that younger generations have the resources they need to get outside through adventure, education, and community building.


Outdoor Education

Our Outdoor Education programs focus on providing technical skills for all abilities and endeavors in the outdoors. This is our way of establishing and sharing our mission. All Initiatives facilitate educational opportunities that cater to the specific needs of each community.


Wild Skills

Wild Skills is geared toward building life skills, empowering ownership and confidence through exposure to positive female role models, supportive communities and the outdoors. These programs exist to give girls and young women the opportunity to know what it’s like to have dirt under their feet, sun on their cheeks, and wind in their hair.


Get The Girls Out

Our ‘Get the Girls Out’ program focuses on connecting girls and women in our communities with inspiring and dedicated female outdoor enthusiasts.


Community Initiatives

Our Community Initiatives are everything from pre-season fun workouts to picnics to networking and workshops. It’s our way of making sure we are touching base with our supporters on a regular basis and truly growing the community of outdoor women.


Fundraising Climbs

We consciously foster a positive energy that exudes encouragement in stride with the technical, physical and emotional challenge at hand. Our all female guides and staff offer support and expertise throughout the training, fundraising and of course, the climb.


Alpine School

The SheJumps Alpine School is comprised of Alpine Development courses and an Alpine Finishing School designed to offer a complete education series focused on ski and splitboard mountaineering.

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River School

The SheJumps River School is comprised of River Development courses and a River Finishing School designed to offer a complete education series focused on fishing and river education and stewardship.



Our vision is to generate equitable opportunities to enjoy outdoor sports in supportive learning environment where community and connection are prioritized through women-led and attended courses and low-cost programming.