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SheJumps Snowpack Scholarship

Building a community of belonging.

Supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion is an integral part of the SheJumps mission to increase the participation of all women and girls in outdoor activities. SheJumps acknowledges the historic exclusion of women, and specifically Black, Indigenous, Women of Color, to outdoor spaces. Our Snowpack Scholarship addresses these systems of inequity by generating opportunities for education, community-building, connection, and leadership development through skiing and backcountry avalanche certifications.

From progressing (or kick-starting!) ski and snowboard skills to avalanche education, the SheJumps Snowpack Scholarship Program provides an educational bridge for women in winter activities. At SheJumps, we believe jumping is a metaphor for trying new things and scholarship applicants are encouraged to do just that. We encourage self-identified Black, Indigenous, Women of Color and individuals with financial need to apply.

Mission of Scholarship Program

To offer affordable opportunities for adult women to gain experience and education in snowsports and avalanche safety with an overall goal to increase participation in winter sports and build stronger communities where all women can belong. Our vision is to generate equitable opportunities to enjoy outdoor sports in supportive learning environment where community and connection are prioritized through women-led and attended courses and low-cost programming.

2022-2023 Partners
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Applications open next on October 1, 2023



In 2019, SheJumps and the Northwest Avalanche Center (NWAC) launched the Snowpack Avalanche Scholarship Program in an effort to bring affordable avalanche education opportunities to women in the Pacific Northwest. The scholarship program was created by SheJumps and NWAC volunteers, and made possible with support from K2 Skis and Fremont Brewing.

Snowpack Scholarship Founders:

  • Krystin Norman, SheJumps Snowpack Scholarship Program Manager

  • Yulia Dubinina, SheJumps Information and Technology Manager

  • Charlotte Guard, Northwest Avalanche Center Program Manager

Read more about the founders and the creation of Snowpack program here.

"The Snowpack Scholarship Program came to be through my combined interests in beer, skiing, and helping women access more educational resources for snow and avalanche safety. I want those interested in backcountry skiing to be able to access an AIARE education first. As a half-Vietnamese woman, I also want to see more BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) women to have access and encouragement in snow sports." - Krystin Norman (she/her)

The Snowpack Ikon Pass Scholarship Program started in 2019, when a set of 8 Ikon passes was donated privately to SheJumps.

13 Ikon Pass Scholarships will provide lift-accessed adventures to iconic ski destinations to Women of Color looking to get into the sports of snowboarding and skiing nationwide. The recipients will receive a ski or snowboard group half-day lesson at select North America locations.

*This year, Crystal Mountain is also sponsoring the Ikon Pass scholarship in collaboration with Krystin, who calls the resort her home mountain, to offer the 3 of the 13 scholarships to BIPOC women in the Pacific Northwest.

Applications are now closed for 2022-2023 season.

2021 Snowpack Scholarship Photography by


The Snowpack Avalanche Scholarship Program was founded in 2017 with Snowpack Pale Ale, a Seattle-area collaboration beer between Fremont Brewing and K2 Skis, in support of the Northwest Avalanche Center and SheJumps.

SheJumps continues to expand the scope of the Snowpack Program to new regions, with a focus on affordable avalanche education and mountain access to new skiers and snowboarders.

2023 AIARE scholarship offerings:

12 AIARE 1 Scholarships - Colorado
12 AIARE 1 Scholarships - Oregon
12 AIARE 1 Scholarships - Utah
12 AIARE 2 Scholarships - Utah
24 AIARE 1 Scholarships - Washington
12 AIARE 2 Scholarships - Washington


Applications open next on October 1, 2023

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