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Snowpack Scholarship

SheJumps Snowpack Scholarship

Who We Are

Representation matters. 

From progressing ski and snowboard skills to avalanche education, the SheJumps Snowpack Scholarship Program provides an educational bridge for women in winter activities. SheJumps is looking for motivated women who want to push past their perceived limitations when it comes to snowsports. We encourage women of color and individuals with demonstrated financial need to apply.


Mission of Scholarship Program

To create affordable opportunities for adult women to gain experience and education in snowsports and avalanche safety, so as to increase participation in winter sports. Our hope is to reduce the gender gap in outdoor sports and provide a safe learning environment through women-led and attended courses and low-cost programming.

SheJumps is offering three distinct Snowpack Scholarship Programs for the 2020/2021 winter season: 

1) Snowpack Avalanche Scholarship: Pacific Northwest (20 spots for AIARE Level 1 in WA, 10 spots for AIARE Level 1 in OR)

2) Snowpack Ikon Pass Scholarship (10 Ikon Base Passes)

3) Snowpack Avalanche Scholarship: Sierra Nevada & Northeast (2 spots for AIARE Level 1 in CA, 2 spots for AIARE Level 1 in NH)

Application Closes: October 31st, 2020

Click to apply

The Snowpack Avalanche Scholarship Program was founded in 2017 with Snowpack Pale Ale, a Seattle-area collaboration beer between Fremont Brewing and K2 Skis, in support of the Northwest Avalanche Center and SheJumps.


In the third year of the program, SheJumps and the Northwest Avalanche Center are continuing to expand the scope of the Snowpack Program to new regions, with a focus on affordable avalanche education and mountain access to new skiers and snowboarders. We are excited to grow the program with support from K2 Skis, Fremont Brewing, Montucky Cold Snacks, and Ikon Pass. Through our Avalanche Program, a total of 34 scholarships will be awarded for women, with a preference to women of color, to attend AIARE Level 1: Decision Making in Avalanche Terrain courses in Washington, Oregon, California, and New Hampshire. Additionally, 10 Ikon Pass Scholarships will provide lift-accessed adventures to iconic ski destinations to women of color looking to get into the sports of snowboarding and skiing nation-wide.


Please contact The Review Panel at snowpack@shejumps.org with any questions, comments or concerns.


Feel free to share this scholarship with any groups, organizations, or institutions that would benefit from avalanche education or who work directly with communities of color.


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