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Frequently asked questions

What volunteer opportunities are available?

We are still maturing in building a real "volunteer" program - but we accept all sort of help! For asult specific events - we would love your help with set up/break down for events, leading groups during our ski/bike/hike events, tabling at events telling people more about SheJumps/selling merchandise, helping with event organization and more! We also have opportunities to volunteer at our Youth events. Any event with a pre-fix Wild Skills is a youth event. At youth events you can either be a mentor to oversee a group of young girls for day or overnight camps, be an instructor to teach concepts like first aid/navigation/10 essentials (materials provided in advance) or help organize programs like Junior Ski Patrol/Mountain Guide.

How can I find what events are currently happening?

Navigate to the Events page and look for any events that sounds interesting to you! Each event should have either a volunteer link to sign up or a contact you can reach out to for more details. If you'd like to be on a regional volunteer list and get emails with volunteer opportunities without keeping track of events on your own, fill out the form above!

I signed up to get volunteer updates but havent heard anything yet?

We send emails to request help on average of once a month. It is possible that we just dont have any big events happening at this time, that's why you have not heard from us yet. If you are very eager to make things happen - there is always lots to do - really depends on how much time you have available and what skills you are interested in building. The biggest way you can help is by organizing a small event in your area, be that a community event ( i.e. meeting up for a bbq, going to a ski resort for beacon practice) or clinic like event (i.e. partnering with a store or company for a lecture or class). If you have an idea for a cool event, local the Regional Coordinator for your area (you can do that by navigating to Regional Volunteers and selecting the area you are in) and reach out to them to figure out the next step!

Will I need to do a background check if I volunteer for youth events?

Yes, you will. At this time, we do not have the funds to cover the cost (it is $15), so you will need to be able to cover the cost on your own. Once you have done a background check to volunteer with us, you dont need to do it again for 2 years.

I signed up to volunteer for a specific event or emailed the contact person but have not heard back. What do I do?

We apologize that this has happened to you! We try our best to make sure that everyone gets a reply but sometimes we forget or accidentally miss certain requests. If you have not heard from us, dont hesitate to follow up or simply show up at an event and introduce yourself! We would love your help!