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Since SheJumps was founded in 2007, we have hosted more than 1,000 events that provide outdoor activities & community for women and girls.

There have been more than 36,000 attendees to our events, including 5,000 youth attendees since 2007.

Show your support!

There are lots of ways to show your support for SheJumps:

  • Set up a monthly recurring donation or make a single gift!

  • Submit your donation for a corporate match, if eligible.

  • Follow us on social media: like, comment, share our posts.

  • Subscribe to our newsletter.

  • Attend an event.

  • Share your own story about why you love the outdoors:  tag @SheJumps and use the #SheJumps hashtag so we can see it and share more inspirational stories.

As a nonprofit, we rely on fundraising. Your donation helps SheJumps provide free events and programs for women and girls across the country. 36% of all SheJumps events are free or donation-based.

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The outdoors are special because they build intangible and powerful community bonds. Your donation invests in our regional volunteer programs. These individuals contribute 18,000 hours annually to create programs and events that accomplish the SheJumps mission in local communities.

SheJumps invests in progression programs that bridge the gap between beginners and industry professionals. We pay equitable wages to women guides and leaders to teach courses, closing the pay gap and investing in more women guides.

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