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Who We Are

About SheJumps Education

Our Education programs focus on providing technical skills for all abilities and endeavors in the outdoors. This is our way of establishing and sharing our mission. All Initiatives facilitate educational opportunities that cater to the specific needs of each community.

Past Education programs have included ski tuning classes with US Ski team technician Pam Warwick, bike maintenance, avalanche courses and “Know Before You Go” presentations, beacon clinics, and even how to make your own collapsible hula hoop! These programs make it easy to get involved with SheJumps—no big commitment—instead just show up to a local venue and learn some new skills or practice what you already know. It’s all about sharing the knowledge and love for the outdoors!


To provide a safe and fun learning environment to share knowledge, learn technical skills, get inspired, and share the mission of SheJumps in an approachable, community-building manner. We envision that these courses are ideal ways to introduce the SheJumps vision to communities and also help all participants experience something worthwhile and self-empowering.


Find Events In Your Area

SheJumps holds events nationwide – from outdoor education to youth initiatives. Get Involved.

Review the map to find out what region you are in then, click on the color coded buttons to see events in your area.

Visit the events page to get more details! 

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Increase the participation of women & girls in
outdoor activities
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