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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)


SheJumps was founded on the idea of gender equity, but we’re constantly re-evaluating how our mission and programs impact all women and girls, including those who have been historically excluded through policies, practices, and customs in American society. SheJumps creates a space where women and girls can support each other in finding joy, courage, and connection to reduce these barriers to their personal transformation. Using diversity, equity, and inclusion as a lens for our programs, we are part of a collective movement building equitable avenues to outdoor play. SheJumps is doing this by diversifying our programs, building curriculum highlighting a diversity of expertise, expanding scholarship opportunities, and amplifying experiences across the outdoors communities.

Inclusivity Statement

SheJumps includes an inclusivity statement on events and official communications to ensure a clear invitation to our community. We feel that if there is not intentional inclusivity it may lead to unintentional exclusion. 


“SheJumps is an inclusive organization. We welcome all women and girls—transgender and cisgender, as well as non-binary people.

SheJumps strives to fight against racism and acknowledges that our events and programs take place on traditional, unceded Indigenous lands.”

Accountability for SheJumps' Commitment to DEI


SheJumps follows a strategic action plan to build a diversity, equity and inclusion lens into the organization’s roots. Our action plan is informed by a roadmap through which we build: 


  1. Understanding the role of DEI–by building an anti-oppressive framework SheJumps can continuously attend to issues and processes of exclusion and inclusion.

  2. Understanding the programs of SheJumps–through audit, analysis and action SheJumps uses a DEI lens to understand the distribution, gaps and needs for programs to better serve the communities across the SheJumps network.

  3. Understanding the economics of SheJumps–through audit, analysis and action SheJumps uses a DEI lens to shift towards equity centered economics. 

  4. Understanding the geography of SheJumps–through audit and analysis of the geographic distribution of programs including the where, what and who of our participants and partners.

SheJumps DEI Committee

SheJumps hosts monthly DEI meetings that are open to all staff and volunteers to participate. The meetings are organized to support learning and practice and filter action items onto the action plan accomplished by the DEI action team. We also provide ongoing diversity training, including an annual in-person team summit where DEI is a core focus and DEI self-assessment survey. SheJumps’ board, staff, and volunteers sign personal and organizational DEI commitment documents.

Photo by Alyssa Gonzalez

Snowpack Scholarship 2022, Colorado AIARE 1

SheJumps Scholarships

Building a culture of belonging is core to our mission; we believe that equity work involves resource distribution. Here are ways that our corporate and individual donors are investing in resources and opportunities for women and non-binary people of color and communities historically excluded from outdoor recreation activities. Be specific about the activities if possible.

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