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Fundraising Climbs

Who We Are

Climb Big Mountains and Support SheJumps

SheJumps Fundraising Climbs offer opportunities for supporters to climb big mountains while raising awareness and critical funding for our mission. The technical, physical, and emotional challenges of climbing these mountains are an incredible way to experience the SheJumps mission first-hand.

Fundraising Climbs locations for 2024 include:

Mount Baker (Koma Kulshan) Climb + Ski | May 3-5, 2024
Mount Shasta (Waka-nunee-Tuki-wuki) Climb | June 7-9, 2024
Mount Rainier (Tahoma) Climb | June 21-23, 2024
Grand Teton (Dae Wunt) Climb |  July 7-10, 2024
Mount Baker (Koma Kulshan) | July 12-14, 2024
Mount Shuksan (Shéqsan) Climb | August 3-6, 2024


How Fundraising Climbs Work

Sign up for one of the fundraising climbs and raise money for SheJumps. SheJumps provides a fundraising toolkit and your own fundraising website/page to share with friends and family. SheJumps covers the cost of your climb*, and you are responsible for raising a certain amount of money to participate in the climb. Each climb has a different fundraising minimum and deadline.

We try to work with woman guides wherever possible, and we are proud to collaborate with some of the best guiding outfitters in the Western United States. Our SheJumps team is there to support you with fundraising efforts as well. In 2024, we will be offering special incentives from our brand partners for the top fundraiser on each climb.

*Participants are responsible for paying a $500 nonrefundable deposit upon registering. This is in addition to the amount the participant commits to fundraising.

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Find Events In Your Area

SheJumps holds events nationwide - from outdoor education to youth initiatives. Get Involved.

Review the map to find out what region you are in then, click on the color coded buttons to see events in your area.

Visit the events page to get more details! 


Increase the participation of women & girls in outdoor activities
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