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Who We Are

About SheJumps Outreach programs

Our Outreach programs are everything from pre-season workouts to happy hours to networking and film screenings. It’s our way of making sure we are touching base with our supporters on a regular basis and truly growing the community of outdoor women.


New to SheJumps and interested to find out a little bit more about our programs in a low-key event? Our Outreach Programs are social events that focus on the SheJumps mission and team building. They’re a great setting for seasoned Jumpers and newcomers to meet and get to know each other.


Find Events In Your Area

SheJumps holds events nationwide – from education to youth initiatives. Get Involved.

Review the map to find out what region you are in then, click on the color coded buttons to see events in your area.

Visit the events page to get more details! 


Increase the participation of women & girls in outdoor activities
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