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Volunteers are the fuel to the SheJumps engine—hosting events, connecting with the community, and sharing the magic of the SheJumps mission. Simply put, we could not do our work without the dedication of our volunteers! We currently have over 125 volunteers working with us across North America to deliver a diverse range of programs and educational opportunities. 

Scroll through the below sections to connect with a local SheJumps volunteer in your area! 


" Those who can, do. Those who can do more, volunteer. "

Click on a specific region to find contacts, or scroll to browse the whole team! 


Regional Directors serve as big-picture leaders for SheJumps volunteers across multiple states. They work closely with the staff team and oversee Regional Coordinators and their management of Event Coordinators. They also provide strategic program support via team-building, event tracking, and goal setting.

Regional Coordinators serve as state coordinators within a specific region, providing direction and support to their local Event Coordinators and Brand Ambassadors. They act as a liaison between all volunteer positions in their state and work within their teams to plan and support local events in their respective states.

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