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Far North

Mallory Stutzer

Anchorage, Alaska

Born and raised in Alaska, Mallory's early years fostered a deep love for the outdoors and adventure. She thrives in water, whether it's scuba diving in the ocean, paddling around lakes, or fishing and floating rivers. When not by the water, you'll find her hiking or skinning up mountains, often in the company of her two pet goats and rescue dog. Mallory's true passion lies in encouraging others to step out of their comfort zones and embrace new experiences, believing it to be the most exhilarating way to live life.

Jane Lockshin

Anchorage, Alaska

As a Data Engineer and renewable energy professional, Jane Lockshin is passionate about getting women and girls outside and into STEM. Although she is a seasoned solo traveler, Jane likes to climb, ski, and paddle whitewater with friends and explore the mountains of Alaska with her dog, Walden E. Crumbworthy. Jane is an expert in pattern recognition and you can often find her learning music or solving crossword puzzles when she’s not at work or in the mountains.

Ming Sartee


Stoked to have found a home in the mountains of BC, Ming can be convinced to do just about anything outside. While mountain biking is her usual love, any outdoor endeavour with her newly expanded family brings out her biggest smiles.

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Far North
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