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Sarah Fisher


Grew up adventuring through the Green Mountains of Vermont, with lots of icy skiing and maple syrup. Recently moved to Denver with a two year old pitbull-retriever pup. Loving the sunshine and city. Spontaneous explorer. Chocolate lover. Athlete. Fan. Encourager.

Amanda Baseler


After moving west many years ago from Tennessee, Amanda has spent most of the past 12 years working in the adaptive industry and playing on bikes, skis, and water in Park City, Utah. Now a resident of Colorado, she is spending this time as a new mom exploring the Gunnison Valley at a slightly slower pace with her son, husband, and two dogs.

Elizabeth Arnquist


Originally from Illinois, Liz fell in love with the mountains after learning to ski in the Tetons. After graduating with a degree in special education, Liz has spent the last few years teaching and exploring Washington, Virginia, and Colorado. You can find her skiing, hiking, paddle boarding, or Overlanding with her husband and fur baby, Kona.

Bethany Gleason


Beth is an educator at the core who is passionate about learning and growing and sharing that with others. While not working as the Assistant Program Director at Adaptive Sports Association, she can be found adventuring in the San Juan mountains or exploring her creative side with silversmithing and music. Some of her favorites are skiing, trail running, and adventure motorcycling.

Erin Turner


Erin is a big fan of skiing, camping, mtn biking, tacos, and her dog Franco. She is an art business owner and loves using her art to help advocate for women getting into outdoor recreation. Being apart of SheJumps has helped her find her community of like minded people, and is so stoked to be apart of it. Let's hit the trails!

Sara Gorevan


Sara is passionate for recreation and exploration and is so glad she gets to live in Steamboat Springs where she can bike, ski, and paddleboard...sometimes all in the same day! She is most happiest on long skin tours under bluebird skies or climbing mountain bike flow track in the woods. Most of her time is spent introducing her baby boy to the Rocky Mountains, one adventure at a time.

Lorena Dawson


Originally from Vero Beach, Florida Lorena was determined to make it to the mountains! Having only climbed in gyms before moving to Colorado, Lorena jumped into the outdoors! Now an avid climber, mountain biker, and backcountry skier Lorena gets every chance to get outside with friends. Passionate in building equitable spaces Lorena is excited to join the SheJumps team in bringing more outdoor access to the womxn and youth of Durango CO!

Kayla Miller


Growing up in Idaho, sparked Kayla's love for the outdoors. She's now living in Colorado where the adventures are abundant! Whether it's mountain biking, trail running, paddle boarding, snowboarding or backcountry skiing- she's always on the go!

Catherine Smith


Born in Wyoming, raised in Alaska, then transplanted back to Wyoming about 10 years ago, Cati has always been close to the mountains, backwoods, and bodies of water. You can find her participating in several outdoor activities, including hiking, backpacking, caving, snowshoeing, self-challenge outings, and fishing, most of the time with her fur baby, Hope, a Husky/Heeler who loves the outdoors as much as Cati.

Brittany Eppard


Taking every chance I get to JUMP into outdoor adventures. Skiing, fly fishing, hiking, camping, water skiing, running, and a nice walk on the beach are all things that bring me joy. I grew up in Minnesota and moved out to Montana to be in a place that fully supports my love for the outdoors, adventure, and challenge.

Brittany Peterson


An environmental / analytical chemist by trade and inland oceanographer by accident, Britt decided to return to the mountains to ski even though the ocean calls loudly enough that she spends every minute she can surfing in Montana.

Kristen Neithercut


Kristen is currently based (and thriving) in Bozeman Montana. Fueled by the love of climbing and the desire to help people heal through movement, she is starting a rock climbing guide business launching in June of 2021! She is on a mission to help people (specifically women) learn to climb their mountains instead of carry them. True connection starts with the connection to yourself, from there, connection to community and momma earth is built.

Keri Geiser


A Pennsylvania native, who now calls the mountains of Montana home. Spending time exploring the natural world, and sharing her passion with others are what fuels her. A skier at heart, she is most at home atop a snowy mountain with skis on her feet. When the snow stops flying you can find her hiking, fly fishing, paddle boarding, or enjoying a tasty meal with friends.

Stephanie Peterson


Raised in the mountains and where she'll stay! Steph works in e-commerce keeping waste out of the landfill and spends her free time chasing snow, dirt, rocks and rivers. She has a passion for recreational and environmental sustainability and enjoys working to keep the outdoors enjoyable for all!

Kira Puntenney Desmond


Beth Olsen


Backcountry skiing ultra endurance mt bike racing, dogs, cats are central. She offers unsolicited health advise, and advice in general often without permission. Loving sun, surf and sand, as much as dirt, snow and rocks, Beth works in sustainable built environment and health. Life is long when you capture moments.

Christina Taylor


After growing up in the frigid mountain-lands of South Florida, it only made proper sense to move to Colorado after finishing school where her family spent a week a year skiing Crested Butte. These days you can find her avoiding adult responsibilities by skiing, mountain biking, convincing friends to go on ridiculous adventures, or camping in her sweet 1984 pop-up, all with her furry BFF in tow.

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