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Kate Sandoval

In 2020, Kate went for her first real hike and discovered she was really good at walking uphill. Since them, she has gone from 0 to 100 and has taking up backpacking and ski mountaineering. Feeling empowered from her own experience in outdoor rec, Kate is driven to help create more space and opportunities for all female identifying people to get outside and try something new.

Sierra Vejvoda


Sierra grew up spending summers backpacking and winters skiing with her family, these experiences fostered her love of nature. During her years of working in the outdoor industry, she developed a passion for helping others plan their adventures and gain access to wild spaces. She's excited to bring that passion to shejumps and empower more women and girls to get outside.

Kate Birbilis


Based in California, Kate's currently traveling the country in her Ford Transit campervan. During her overlanding adventures you can find her scuba diving, skiing, biking, camping, hiking, kayaking, or just being outside. When not on the road, she's a special education teacher. Kate’s excited to be part of the SheJumps community and is dedicated to making outdoors spaces more accessible for all.

Jessica Joyner


A long-time Bostonian, Jess came west to Portland, OR to find her passion for long days out in the mountains on bikes, skis, climbing gear, and her own two feet with strong women by her side.

Marlea Stockenberg


Growing up in the PNW hiking, skiing/snowboarding, and camping with family was the foundation for a love for the outdoors. After moving to Oregon and having a family of her own, she is enjoying days on the mountains with her kids, watching them love the outdoors as well.

Tanya Gephart


To find Tanya in her preferred habitat one must venture into wild and rugged terrain. Look for running, hiking, biking, and ski tracks. If you hear sounds of laughter and discover fun times, she is nearby.

Laura Gritz


Laura recently moved to Portland after growing up playing in the mountains of Colorado. She spends every chance she has outdoors--either skiing, hiking, backpacking, or golfing. While on these adventures she can usually be found with a camera in hand, with many early morning starts and long drives with lots of coffee to try and capture the beautiful alpine sunrises.

Jessica Lanoue


Growing up in Nashville, TN Jessica was introduced to the great outdoors through climbing, hiking, and horseback riding. After moving to Portland, OR she picked up skiing and can be found touring up Mt. Hood late into the summer. She is excited to be a part of an organization that provides opportunities for other girls and women to be comfortable and themselves while getting outside and exploring!

Angelina Peterson


Angelina loves everything to do with the outdoors. You can always find her skiing, climbing, fly fishing, trail running, hiking or backpacking! Angelina is always up to try new outdoor activities, especially if she's surrounded by a group of rad ladies! She is passionate about finding ways to make the outdoor community more intersectional and accessible!

Erin Sheridan


After splitting her time growing up camping in Washington and California, Erin has been happy to call Seattle her home for the last eight years. She is an avid hiker, paddler, and lover of the outdoors, and has been exploring climbing and mountain biking as new avenues to play outside. She is passionate about inclusivity, equity, and justice in the outdoor community and in the world, and is excited to work with SheJumps towards making the outdoors a more accessible space! When she's not on the trails or the water, you can find her hanging out with her dog, her plants, and a good book.

Anne Gilbert


The Burke-Gilman's biggest fan. Crocs advocate. All Trails Pro enthusiast. Blueberry lover. PocketRocket summit chef. Waterskier by June, snow skier by January. Kombucha brewer. A girl with an endless resume of non-transferrable skills!

Alexandra (Aya) Doty


Washington born and raised, Aya finds joy by spending time with folks outdoors - be it hiking, biking, running, climbing, or skiing. Aya is fueled by sour gummy candies and homemade bread, and will seize any opportunity for a pun. In her day job, Aya works for a state agency to help coordinate Puget Sound environmental recovery. Aya is passionate about building community and access to the outdoors.

Tina Parrish


A medical professional by day, Tina was born and raised in the PNW but was a bit of a late bloomer when it came to outdoor adventures. Once her love of the outdoors began, it couldn't be stopped. She looks forward to helping make outdoor spaces more diverse and welcoming to all.  Whether she is snowboarding, SUP boarding, backpacking, camping or hiking, if the outdoors are calling, you will be sure to find her there.

Christa Nash-Webber


Christa was born into an outdoorsy, traveling family in the Pacific Northwest - evergreens, mountains, and crystal cold lakes are a part of her DNA. Christa spent 11 years living overseas in Hong Kong working for an outdoor education company followed by a one-year travel sabbatical in Central and South America with her hubby and two kids. Having recently settled in Bend, Oregon, Christa is loving putting roots down and creating community in the high desert. She's an active member of the Deschutes County Sheriff's Office Search & Rescue team and an avid skier, biker, paddler, yogi, and runner.

Shari Nephew


Shari is a PNW adventurer who loves backpacking, snowshoeing, and leisurely kayaking. She encourages and inspires her community to get outside, learn, and explore.

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