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Penny Atkins


Penny grew up in small towns across the mountain west where she developed her love for spending time outdoors. She enjoys mountain biking, skiing, and any other random adventure outside, especially with friends and family. On weekdays, Penny leads the One Utah Data Science Hub at the University of Utah.

Elizabeth Hansen


Elizabeth "Libby" is a Utah native who grew up in the outdoors. She is a classically trained pastry chef, gear expert, and travel enthusiast. Her work has allowed her to live and travel around the US for the last 5 years. Libby loves sharing her knowledge of the outdoors with other women and girls and welcoming more people into the great outdoors.

Kayla Bobzien


Kayla has called Utah "home" for the past 9 years. Growing up living in rural areas across the Northern Rockies and attending school at the University of Montana in Missoula, MT (Go Griz!), she decided to move to Salt Lake to experience "city life" and epic skiing. Over the years she picked up a few more outdoor habits as one does living in the Wasatch. You can find her out of the trails or camping with her two dogs and partner or curled up with a good book. Kayla is a Realtor, dog mom, & gluten-free cooking enthusiast.

Mary O'Brien


Mary plays around in the lab as a scientist during the week and outside in her free time. She grew to love the outdoors backpacking, camping, climbing, and skiing with her dad in Idaho and carried that love of the outdoors to volunteering as a ski patroller in Colorado and New Mexico. She now lives in New Mexico where she has learned to also love mountain biking and is learning how to manage her diagnosis of inflammatory arthritis in her spine. Mary is excited to be working with SheJumps to reduce barriers to accessing outdoors for women and non-binary folks.

Guinevere Allen


I love pushing the limits of wide-open spaces, from helicopter skiing, to paragliding, to sky-running at 11k ft. For me nature is a source of self-awareness and empowerment. Can't wait to share that "breaking the threshold feeling" with my fellow female adventurers.

Holland Howe


Holland grew up in Montana and now calls Salt Lake City home. She loves to ski, backpack, flyfish and try anything new. When she isn’t working as a pediatric nurse, you can find her in the mountains with a watercolor kit and too many layers and snacks.

Kathy Aylward


Kathy is originally from the East Coast, but has arrived in the Salt Lake area after time in the South Lake Tahoe, CA and Crested Butte, CO. No matter where she is, she tries to ski as much as possible and also takes advantage of her other favorite outdoor activities; hiking and kayaking. When she's not playing outside, chances are she's either snuggling with her pup Annie, baking, reading, or spending time with her husband.

Paige Harasha


She/her. Wisconsin native currently in Salt Lake City, UT. Outdoor lover. Dog mom. Addicted to cheese, coffee, chicken pot pie and Netflix. Physician assistant.

Alexa Lampasona


Alexa was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia but now calls Boise, Idaho home, where access to amazing mountains and trails is just out the backdoor. She grew up running, following in the footsteps of her parents and grandparents, and now she explores the outdoors through ultradistance trail races, mountain or gravel biking, downhill and cross country skiing... usually with her dog-ter Ava in tow. She also reps some pretty cool outdoor brands in her public relations job.

Aakanksha Gavali

In search of some new wilderness adventures, Aakanksha recently moved to Utah from Seattle. Eager to create memories and experiences, she loves to spend her time traveling, hiking, backpacking and trying new activities. The mountains and the (preferably sunny) outdoors have always been her happy place. Aakanksha works in tech and is an active part of the fitness and foster care community. When she’s not working or adventuring, she loves to cook, read, play the piano and spend time with her friends.

Nicole Penrose


Nicole "Niki" is a Sun Valley native who transplanted to Phoenix, AZ for college and decide to move back to the mountains upon graduating. She is a ski instructor in the winters for both Sun Valley Resort and the adaptive organization Higher Ground. In the summer she can be found exploring the mountains with her dog Bruce. As a female BIPOC outdoor enthusiast, her goal in life is to get as many people outside and to share the stoke far and wide.

Jess Briggs


As a child, the mountains of Colorado was my play zone and as an adult, Idaho has become my home base for exploration. River guiding was the gateway sport that led the way to exploring a host of other outdoor activities and challenges. Outdoor recreation has been a significant root in my life that has shaped who I have become and continues to ground me as I grow older. The outdoors nourishes my soul and recharges my inner energy and purpose. I am looking forward to introducing my 7 year old daughter to the beauty and excitement of outdoor play; along with introducing her to powerful female leaders that will serve as role models as she grows older.

Sierra Vejvoda


Sierra grew up spending summers backpacking and winters skiing with her family, these experiences fostered her love of nature. During her years of working in the outdoor industry, she developed a passion for helping others plan their adventures and gain access to wild spaces. She's excited to bring that passion to shejumps and empower more women and girls to get outside.

Nicole Jorgenson


As a ski patroller, a passionate rider of all kinds of bikes and general lover of the outdoors, Nicole has a strong desire to share her enthusiasm for learning and recreating outside. She loves pushing boundaries and limits and hopes to instill the courage in other women to do the same.

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