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Aakanksha Gavali

In search of some new wilderness adventures, Aakanksha recently moved to Utah from Seattle. Eager to create memories and experiences, she loves to spend her time traveling, hiking, backpacking and trying new activities. The mountains and the (preferably sunny) outdoors have always been her happy place. Aakanksha works in tech and is an active part of the fitness and foster care community. When she’s not working or adventuring, she loves to cook, read, play the piano and spend time with her friends.

Kristin Pulatie


Originally from Arizona, Kristin now lives in Santa Fe with her beloved hound dogs. A retired triathlete, she enjoys trying new activities and participating in local races. Kristin has a passion for skiing, trail running, and sunshine and hopes to incorporate more bikepacking into her life. She also loves donuts.

Julia Stout


A native New Englander, Julia now resides in Park City, Utah. Her role at SheJumps combines and gives purpose to her two passions: outdoor recreation and event planning. When she’s not at her day job planning events, you can find her bagging peaks in the Wasatch with her dog Finley.

Allison Bowman


Allison has spent over 15 years in the event and non-profit industries. When she's not working as a logistical wizard, she spends her time adventuring with her dog, Luna. She also loves skiing, hiking, yoga, and reading books on the beach.

Leanne Dannacher


Georgia girl living, working, and playing in the treasure trove of Utah. Leanne moved to Salt Lake City right after college for a job as a wilderness guide where she still works and thrives today. Leanne dabbles in a bit of everything but loves exploring with her pup, paddle-boarding, skiing, and backpacking. Oh and finding the best breakfast burritos.

Nicole Penrose


Nicole "Niki" is a Sun Valley native and an adaptive ski instructor in the winters. In the summer she can be found exploring the mountains with her dog Bruce. As a female BIPOC outdoor enthusiast, her goal in life is to get as many people outside and to share the stoke far and wide.

Jess Briggs


As a child, the mountains of Colorado was my play zone and as an adult, Idaho has become my home base for exploration. River guiding was the gateway sport that led the way to exploring a host of other outdoor activities and challenges. Outdoor recreation has been a significant root in my life that has shaped who I have become and continues to ground me as I grow older. The outdoors nourishes my soul and recharges my inner energy and purpose. I am looking forward to introducing my 7 year old daughter to the beauty and excitement of outdoor play; along with introducing her to powerful female leaders that will serve as role models as she grows older.

Katie O'Brien


Kate is an artist, teacher, and outdoor enthusiast living, working, and exploring in Ketchum, Idaho. She finds inspiration for her art in nature and loves to play outside! Kate's outdoor pursuits evolved after moving west from Ohio and Vermont. Now in addition to sailing, skiing, and snowboarding she also enjoys mountain biking, kayaking, rafting, hiking, and backpacking.

Janel McInnes


A surfer from SoCal, now residing in the mountains of Utah. Mom, Ski Patroller and Veterinary Technician. Find me sliding on snow in the winter and in the summer hiking, biking or at the lake.

Courtney Kizer


Courtney's outdoor pursuits include equine endurance racing and show jumping, skiing, mountain biking, hiking, trail running, and the backcountry in general. When not on a horse, a bike or skis, you’ll find her in front of a computer or on a jobsite following her other passion, Architecture.

Nicole Jorgenson


As a ski patroller, a passionate rider of all kinds of bikes and general lover of the outdoors, Nicole has a strong desire to share her enthusiasm for learning and recreating outside. She loves pushing boundaries and limits and hopes to instill the courage in other women to do the same.

Kristen Brevik


Kristen was raised in Washington, growing up in Spokane and going to college in Bellingham. Now settled in Boise, she loves what Idaho has to offer. Open to trying (and hopefully somewhat succeeding in) all sorts of activities, she's happiest on the ski slopes and hiking trails.

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