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SheJumps Wilderness First Aid Scholarship

A core element to the SheJumps mission is to pursue play without compromising safety. For those who play and work in the outdoors, a base knowledge of remote medical skills is essential to feel confident and self-sufficient on an adventure. Wilderness First Aid training (WFA) training not only educates around life-saving skills, but it’s intensive training that cultivates connection and community.

The SheJumps Wilderness First Aid Scholarship program aims to reach a specific population who has been historically excluded from outdoor activities due to institutional, systemic, and cultural discrimination.

2024 WFA Scholarship Application opens July 18

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2024 Course Locations & Dates

Seattle, WA

  • Course Dates: October 5-6. 2024

  • Provider: CPR Seattle

  • Scholarships available: 16


Boston, MA

  • Course Dates: November 9-10, 2024

  • Provider: Appalachian Mountain Club

  • Scholarships available: 12

Key Dates:

  • Scholarship application opens on July 18, 2024

  • Scholarship application closes on July 31 at 11:59 pm MT

  • Scholarship recipients will be contacted by email by August 2

  • Acceptance & deposit deadline: August 12 at 4pm MT

 Additional Info:

  • Eligible applicants include all self-identifying Women of Color aged 18+.

  • Scholarship will cover the full cost of the Wilderness First Aid course. Travel and food expenses are not included.

  • Scholarship recipients must be able to attend both days (Saturday and Sunday) of the course for which they are selected. 

The Wilderness First Aid Scholarship is lottery-based. Eligible applicants include all self-identifying Women of Color aged 18+. Because this is a lottery-based scholarship, we are unable to review any specific financial considerations per applicant.

Wilderness First Aid (WFA) is an intensive 16-hour program (2 days) that teaches important outdoor safety skills, and is frequently required training for jobs in outdoor recreation. Participants will receive a Wilderness First Aid certification card at the completion of class.

Cancellation & Deposit Policy:

  • While the course itself will be free, we are asking each selected participant to submit a fully refundable $50 deposit to reduce last minute cancellations and no-shows. Your deposit will save your spot on the course and also show us that you are committed to showing up for the course. Your deposit must be submitted during your scholarship acceptance window and will be refunded after your WFA course.

  • If a recipient is unable to attend the course, they must provide SheJumps with at least 14 days notice so that the scholarship can be awarded to runner-up.

  • If a recipient cancels 14 or more days before their course, their $50 deposit will be refunded. 

  • If a recipient cancels less than 14 days before their course or does not show up to their course, their $50 deposit will not be refunded. 

  • All recipients who attend both days of their course will receive a refund of their $50 deposit within one week of the course.



In 2019, SheJumps set a goal—create a donation option to generate funds that directly support equitable access for Women of Color to outdoor education programs.

In 2020, an individual reached out to the SheJumps team with the goal of creating more opportunities in Wilderness First Aid education, specifically for Women of Color.

In 2021, the pilot program was made possible by individual SheJumps donors who strongly believe in offering equitable access to outdoor spaces to Women of Color.


  • 29 scholarships

  • 86 applications

  • 2 course offerings: Boston & Seattle


  • 29 scholarships

  • 144 applications

  • 2 course offerings: Salt Lake City & Seattle


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