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Snowpack Scholarship Overview 2019

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

During the 18/19 winter season, SheJumps and the Northwest Avalanche Center (NWAC) launched the Snowpack Avalanche Scholarship Program in an effort to bring affordable avalanche education opportunities to low-income women and women of color in the Pacific Northwest. The scholarship program was created by SheJumps and NWAC volunteers, and made possible with support from K2 Skis and Fremont Brewing. In the months of February and March, a total of 30 women attended AIARE Level 1: Decision Making in Avalanche Terrain at a 50-100% discounted price. Of the 30 women attending, 50% of scholarship recipients identified as women of color. Courses were led by all-female instructors from Mountain Madness guiding service in the Stevens Pass and Mount Rainier National Park areas. Meet the scholarship winners and the amazing volunteer crew who helped make this program happen! "

Course #1:

Name: Erin Mariko Ching

Location: Everett, WA

Sport: Snowshoer

“Most folks don't know how much they sacrifice when they force themselves to learn in uncomfortable spaces. I am super excited to learn amongst individuals with similar backgrounds, experiences and identities because I want to create community and engage in peer mentorship.”

Name: Tara Chowdhury

Location: Oregon

Sport:  Skier

“ I would like to be able to be a bridge between the world of backcountry snow travel and many friends of mine who have no experience in the backcountry due to a lack of cultural exposure and fear of the unknown.”

Name: Trixie Magsarili

Location: Bellevue, WA

Sport: Skier

“I LOVE teaching people to ski- from those beginners just experiencing snow for the first time, to those hungry to improve so that they too can further their enjoyment of winter sports”

Name: Leslie Phu

Location: Splitboarder

Sport: Portland, Oregon

“I also hope to obtain the do’s and don’ts of backcountry traveling, and how to successfully find and save someone who has been buried. With this knowledge, I can help my colleagues stay safe in all conditions, and hopefully prevent any avalanches.”

Name: Charlotte Horsey

Location: Washington

Sport: Skier

“ As a minority in technical winter pursuits, I think it’s important to create these kinds of spaces where women can freely support each other, empower each other, and build our networks of fellow like-minded fun-seekers!”

Name: Randi William

Location: Washington

Sport: Splitboarder

“I have inspired those around me by doing what I want in life. I have looked at the obstacles thrown at me and overcome them and haven't been afraid to try new things, be new at something, or even travel to a new place”

Name: Sophia Whittaker

Location: Winthrop, WA

Sport: Skier

“ I think it’s important to give women these opportunities to discover this sport. Often I’ve met women who’ve followed their male partner into the backcountry because it was expected of their relationship rather than it being their desire. Giving women the knowledge and

opportunity to realize just how capable they are and how amazing the sport can be is vital.”

Name: Hannah Robideaux

Location: Washington

Sport: Skier

“We, as women, must work together to create a safe and inclusive space for learning and growth. Often times, I believe that all-female environments are the best environment to challenge vulnerability and strength in the industry.”

Name: Ina Waring-Enriquez

Location: Leavenworth, WA

Sport: Splitboarder

“ How are we supposed to inspire young women to "get after it" when they look at what is represented in backcountry skiing and snowboarding and they don't see a single face that resembles their own? We can do better.”

Name: Jana Kincl

Location: Seattle, WA

Sport: Snowshoer

“Women are a powerful force and when we come together amazing things happen. I believe the women's only education will provide a safe and comfortable space for women to be women and encourage each other to continue to be awesome. I wish to participate because I want to meet other women who want to do the same thing as me!

Course # 2

Name: Aimee Mattson

Location: Washington

Sport: Splitboarder

“ I chose to spend my time working with mainly youth because I feel it is up to us older generations to set the plant form and foundation of what our future leaders need to know in order to preserve

our earth and all of us who inhabit it.”

Name: Nina Waters

Location: Silverthorne, Co

Sport: Skier

“ I try to donate my time when I can, and am very involved in my towns art in public spaces initiatives, as well as a local CSA. I myself am a very inclusive person. Maybe that's because I'm a black woman who lives and operates in mostly white spaces, so when I see someone who looks like me (out of place)

I make it my priority to reach out to them.”

Name: Amy Roll

Location: Seattle, WA

Sport: Skier

“I learned that the best way I can use my privilege and leadership is to stand back and support others so that they can lead. When I was working in Uganda, one of my proudest achievements was pushing my organization to bring women from the communities where we were implementing programs

to meet policymakers in the capitol. The women so often had

other people speak for them, but this gave them the

opportunity to ask their government

for improved basic health and sanitation

Name: Cassie Wells Lumbraza

Location: Seattle, WA

Sport: Splitboarder

“ I have a deep love and respect for the mountains, the snow, and the resources they provide. I want to take every opportunity possible to get out there, but the mountains out here are a lot bigger and badder

than the east and I want to make sure that I have

the training I need to keep myself and others in my group safe. “

Name: Christine Topinka

Location: Bellevue,WA

Sport: Snowshoer

“I would love to create an opportunity for inner city kids who don't grow up with the benefits of extra-curricular activities to experience them. Things like camp, skiing, music... provide opportunities to expose young adults to various art/sport activities to help broaden their ability to see themselves doing things they may have never seen anyone in their family do.”

Name: Darlene Lovelace

Location: Seattle, WA

Sport: Snowshoer

“I love the community of active and outdoor women. I believe women empower each other when we're together and can be ourselves. Nothing against men, I know many males who are supportive and humble. But there is greatness when women come together.”