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Celebrate International Women’s Day with SheJumps

In celebration of International Women’s Day, SheJumps is hosting a free, virtual scavenger hunt to get women and girls outside. You can join from anywhere–all you need is a phone and to be outside, whether that’s on skis, on the trail, or just in your backyard or a nearby park. By registering, you are automatically entered to win amazing prizes from our partners.

How to play:

  1. Register for the event.

  2. Download Goosechase app.

  3. Enter game code from confirmation email on March 5.

  4. Complete challenges on the Goosechase App through the weekend.

  5. Have fun, enjoy the outdoors, and hopefully win some prizes!

You can also help us spread the word with this easy toolkit we created.

10 Years of Get the Girls Out!

International Women’s day is on March 8, 2021 and it also marks our 10 year anniversary of Get the Girls Out! programs at SheJumps. Get the Girls Out! is an initiative designed to encourage and invite all women and girls from our communities to celebrate one another and encourage new experiences and adventures along the way.

Get the Girls Out! has become a signature program for SheJumps because of the way it invites women and girls to celebrate one another. This high-visibility event often features costumes, music, fun, and of course: adventure. From introductory skiing and snowshoeing (or fly-fishing as we did in 2013) to freeride clinics and avalanche dog demonstrations to mountain biking; the Get the Girls Out! event features a ‘choose your own adventure’ approach which many women find supportive and encouraging.

Right to left and top to bottom: Snowbird 2012, Magic Mountain 2013, Lake Louise 2013, Alyeska 2014, Massanutten 2015, Beartooth 2016.

Our first Get the Girls Out! Initiative was hosted by one of our regional volunteers back in 2011 in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Sierra Quitiquit (professional model and professional skier) was volunteering for SheJumps at the time. Sierra partnered with our co-founder Lynsey Dyer to bring costumes, spread eagles, and FUN to the slopes of Jackson and they made this fun video. Completely in sync with the mythical Girafficorn, the invitation for the event reminded participants to not take themselves too seriously and simply have fun on the mountain.

"Finding SheJumps was where I finally found women who loved to play in the outdoors. It feels so crazy to remember those days, but 10 years ago there were way fewer women in the outdoors. I often felt alone and like something was missing. Growing up I was always the tomboy in the group of dudes on the mountain bike trails. Today I see groups of women all the time! I have tons of adventure friends who are women. Years later I have now made a career in commercial adventure photography and representing strong outdoor women is at the core of my work. Finding that camaraderie with SheJumps in my mid 20’s shaped the direction of my photo career and filled a gap in my heart. There is nothing like having a gang of rad women at your side cheering you on and I’m so glad SheJumps is working to make the outdoors a more inclusive space. They were one of the first and it is very important work that must go on!" - Freya Fennwood

Later that spring, another SheJumps volunteer, Kathy Kading, Washington Regional Coordinator, ran with the concept and hosted the first Get the Girls Out! event at Crystal Mountain. Kathy collaborated with the ski area to help Get the Girls Out! become a fundraising event for SheJumps in addition to creating activities for participants that go beyond just skiing and snowboarding as a group.

In 2012, we expanded on the vision for Get the Girls Out! and worked to create a collaborative celebration across many different ski areas on the same day. All around the world (including Europe!) we managed to connect more than a dozen ski resorts and communities. This was before the time social media, but knowing we were all on a mountain top at the same time, around the world was an incredible testament to the strength and vision of our passionate community. That event was successful for SheJumps because of one central message that still rings true today: get outside and celebrate the women’s community!

Over the years, the event has taken many different forms, but there’s no doubt that Crystal Mountain holds a special place in SheJumps’ history. In 2019, we set a new record for event participation and fundraising. From participants to board members and donors, we hear it all the time: “My first ever SheJumps event was the Crystal Mountain Get the Girls Out! Event.”

Photos by Ryan French–Photos 1-3: Crystal Mountain 2018, Photos 4-6: Crystal Mountain 2019, Photos 7-8: Crystal Mountain 2020

Why is it important to Get the Girls Out?

We want to invite ALL women and girls to connect with nature; dismissing the notion that you need pristine mountains or steep trails to be ‘outdoorsy’, Get the Girls Out! simply says, get outside and have fun! We’re excited for our 2021 initiative to be accessible by anyone, anywhere.

Get the Girls Out! is a message of inclusion and community. It’s our hope that Get the Girls Out! events invite everyone—regardless of age or ability—to connect with nature. Studies show that going outside is not only good for you, it cultivates hope, courage, and resilience. As we challenge gender bias and discrimination through our mission to increase the participation of ALL women and girls in outdoor activities, we need to have the tools to fight for equality.

Outdoor experiences transform how we approach our everyday lives.

“Learning to deal with failure is not always the most pleasant feeling that we encounter but it is a great teacher of humility. It allows you to look inward, to realize what is truly important, and if something is worth it, you need to get back up and try again. —Tracy B., SheJumps volunteer

In consideration of a more gender-equal world—including trans, cis-, non-binary, and queer individuals who identify with the women’s community—nature should be a safe and fun place that reminds us we belong. Get the Girls Out! Is permission to celebrate the limitless ways you can experience outdoor play.

SheJumps strives to be an ally in the fight against racism and acknowledges that our events and programs take place on traditional, unceded Indigenous lands. Learn more about Land Acknowledgement here.

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